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For many women, winter is the worst season for their hair. Freezing temperatures, polar wind, artificial heat, constricting hats, frizz, and static from hoodies and coats exacerbate hair problems, including shedding, thinning, poor growth, limpness, and even balding. Whether these issues arise from post-partum pregnancy, thyroid problems, chemotherapy or simply aging, they are terribly frustrating and can cause you to lose self-confidence and feel uncomfortable in public. However, recent scientific research has led to incredible new products that can help resolve these frustrating issues.

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Here is a round up of some of the best breakthrough products tested for their abilities to restore your hair, giving it more zap, better growth, volume and thickness.

To fight baldness, an issue faced by more and more women, try the Revolve two-step Treatment and Conditioner system by Zenagen, a leader in hair growth. It combats the hormone DHT, identified by research to be the cause of 95% of baldness. By clinging to receptors in hair follicles, the DHT molecule causes them to shrink, eventually shrinking so much that it stops producing hair altogether. The Revolve formula contains nutraceutical ingredients that remove that molecule and prevents its return. In just five minutes, three times a week, hair loss can be stopped ending your shedding nightmare altogether. An extra plus – this formula is safe with no minoxidil (medication used for the treatment of hair loss in men and women that has side effects in some), parabens or sulfates. Brand researchers also recommend that men use it to prevent androgenic alopecia and baldness. Think of Valentine’s Day!

If your hair suffers from damage from too many chemical treatments, try the Evolve Treatment from the Zenagen hair therapy system. The Evolve treatment repairs brittle, dry and broken follicles from root to tip. Simply use the shampoo and conditioner formula every other day for five minutes and hair will regain strength and youthfulness. An added bonus, hair growth will also increase up to 40% as the follicles are restored to health.

The third option from the Zenagen line is the Boost Collection that helps hair grow thicker and increase volume by attacking the cause of thinning at the root. If your hair feels weak and exhausted from too much hair coloring or other abuse, I recommend the Densifying Leaving Cream. A few drops penetrates hair strands and instantly adds life and health to it, giving hair back its buoyancy.

The Thickening Leave-In Spray is also a fantastic product that immediately makes hair feel fuller, pliant, and more solid. After trying these products, my strands felt more resilient and I could not stop playing with my hair. Visit for more information.

If you suffer from poor hair growth and other aging issues, another fantastic brand to get on your shower shelf is Evolis Professional. Each formula contains a patented blend of FGF5 inhibiting botanicals. The presence of the FGF5 molecule in hair has been identified in research to cause shedding and to prevent hair growth. By keeping FGF5 levels down, hair loss was reduced by 74% and hair growth accelerated by 20%, according to testing performed at the university of Tokushima, Japan. The collection is enriched with organic antioxidants, natural humectants and conditioners to deeply repair hair from root to tip. In Evolis’ Reverse collection, Rosa multiflora extracted from the Japanese rose and sanguisorba officinalis block FGF5 so that your hair can grow again longer and thicker. Included in the formula is a dosage of swertia chirata, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant component that helps to rejuvenate the scalp.

The second collection in the Evolis line, the Prevent 3 Step System reduces hair aging by fortifying the cuticle and scalp with natural actives and mangosteen, a potent antioxidant. The Prevent System is highly recommended for people over the age of 30 who show signs of thinning hair. The Promote System also accelerates the rate of hair growth while fortifying hair structure with baobab, one of nature’s hair moisture miracles. Discover this revolutionary line to help you keep your hair strong and full of vitality. Find it at or at

If your tresses are losing body and getting lifeless and flat, Bosley Professional Strength Bos Revive Nourishing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner is a wonderful solution. Available for color-treated hair as well as non-colored, the collection is formulated to thicken thinning hair whether it is due to aging, hormones, illness or chemical treatment. The Bosley formulas contain anti-aging ingredients and inhibitors to remove toxins and DHT, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone, considered to be the enemy of hair follicles. The volumizing conditioner includes a Life Xtend complex of penta-peptides that help stimulate the production of the keratin protein, the source for healthy roots. You will definitely notice more volume, bounce, elasticity and body after one try. Doctor recommended, vegan sulfate-free, paraben and phthalate-free, with no animal testing, the line can be found at

Anglophiles suffering from bad hair will love to try Nanogen, the UK’s #1 thickening hair brand that has just launched in the US. By stimulating the hair’s ability to grow thicker and healthier with powerful actives, Nanogen helps achieve strong, thick strands. It also contains redensifying peptides, causing follicles to be less likely to shrink and leading to roots holding better in the scalp. Free of parabens, SLS and formaldehyde and suitable for colored hair, the inexpensive Nanogen line can be purchased at CVS and at

If once normal hair has become limp and too fine with hormonal change, hats, disease or post pregnancy, switch to a shampoo for fine hair such as John Masters Organics. This line gives hair a boost with a gentle cleanse that also builds body on limp strands thanks to organic rosemary leaf extract. It’s also high in antioxidants, peppermint oil, and rich in essential fatty acids, ridding the scalp of buildup. Horsetail extract contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help strengthen follicles. Find it at

For the traveller who likes to travel light but wants to keep her hair thick, B. the Product collection of hair care created by celebrity hair stylist Brandon Martinez comes in convenient small sizes to tuck in your suitcase. It uses vital ingredients such vitamin B5 & E, wheat proteins, aloe and cucumber extract to thicken thin hair and restructure the hair shaft to build volume. Feel new power gleaning through your fingers with this paraben & sulfate free rich formula. The product is available at Amazon and online at

A quick solution for limp, lifeless and flat hair in winter is to get the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron. This iron uses a “clamp & release” action (similar to a crimper!) under the hair at the root to create more voluminous and glamorous looking strands in minutes. You can adjust how much texture you want by regulating the heat of the clamper. The iron complements any of the previous products mentioned to add volume, strength, and health to your strands and can be found at

With this list of amazing new products, there’s no reason for hair to lack umpff, luster, growth or thickness. Find the system that works best for your strands and get ready to impress by Valentine’s Day!

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