Revitalize Dry Hair with Andre Walker


This may or may not sound like you:

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. Mainly, I love to hate it.

No? Well then you’re lucky, because it definitely sounds like me. My hair is between curly and straight, and there
are constant fly aways and frizzy tresses no matter what I do. Putting it up results in super frizz, leaving it down results in a dry textured mess. Hairdressers everywhere must run when they see me – they can spot me a mile away – just another one of those complainers who has no idea how to fix her problematic hair.

Because of my ever-present drama, I am constantly on the look out for new products to help me do something with this cursed hair. And recently, I found myself a pleasant surprise when I happened upon a few products from Andre Walker.

Celebrity stylist Andre Walker, whose clientele includes moguls such as Oprah Winfrey, discusses on his website the notion that one should embrace your natural hair type and provides products to help us best strengthen, nurture and style your hair to your pleasing. My natural hair type, impossible, isn’t something I wish to embrace, but I understand that while my hai is difficult, fighting it or treating it as something it’s not will not do me any good. So I was delighted to try out these products and I can attest that these products are magic! I started with their TKO: Total Keratin Obsession deep conditioning treatment. My hair can be most problematic when blow drying, the moisture tends to be sapped up quickly. But after using this treatment, my hair felt better than it had in far too long. Not a dry hair left, everything was silky and smooth. I would highly recommend leaving it in for closer to the 15 minutes they direct than the 5, as I found much more success the longer I left it in. Each jar contains two applications, and I’ve already rotated into my hair regiment on a weekly basis.

In between these weekly treatments, it’s important to keep the moisturizing up. I love Andre Walker’s Q-Oil: Quench Essential Oil for the days between. In the past I’ve had issues with hair oils; they can be heavy and sometimes they don’t distribute evenly and I end up with a heavily oiled area on my head. What I love about this oil is how light it is, and how smoothly and evenly it goes on when applied as directed. Rich in Vitamin E, it nourishes and strengthens, leading to a better head of hair all around. My hair hasn’t looked better!

The products’ tagline “Make Peace with your Hair” really says it all. The battle between myself and my head of straggly, dry hair rages, but Andre Walker’s products have stepped in to negotiate a treaty. My hair looks fabulous, so in turn I feel fabulous, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Check out to learn more about these products, which are currently being offered in a special bundle: The Intense Conditioning & Reconstruction Kit.

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