RPZL: State-of-the art blowout + hair extension bar


I don’t know of any woman who would not feel immediately mesmerized when walking into the RPZL hair extension salon. I have to admit, I felt like a princess the minute I stepped foot into this chic, retro, glittery paradise. Fairy tales come alive at this salon, and I was treated like royalty by everyone who worked there.

Sammy was my fairy godmother and took me back from my consultation. She is passionate about what she does. We looked at pictures on the iPads, which sit on the work stations, and she explained the different techniques for achieving long locks. That was the hard part of the day—deciding what technique to use. There are three possibilities for hair extensions and you really have to think about what is best suited to your lifestyle. The high-tech keratin technique, where extensions are glued onto the hair lasts for about three months. The bi-adhesive premium tape, where locks are taped to your hair, lasts up to six to eight weeks. And then there are the clip-ins. This is what I chose because I wanted the option to go from my shoulder length hair to very long hair depending on my mood and occasion of the day.

Sammy disappeared and came back quickly with two choices of color for my extensions. She matched the color to my own hair with absolute genius. The 100% Virgin Remy (human hair) hair is soft and shiny. You can wash it, blow it out and style it just as you would your own hair.

She took me back to my favorite part of the salon, the wash area. Even here, I was taken with the interior design and the subtle use of glitter on top of a painted wall; very understated, but just the right amount of bling to make you notice that there is not one detail in this salon that has not been thought out. Sammy infused my hair with their French product line, Leonor Greyl. Have you ever wanted to eat your hair products? I am not kidding! The products smell like candy. The products are all natural, and sulfate and paraben free. RPZL has partnered with this line because they believe that these treatments preserve the longevity of the extensions. Forget that, I just could not resist having my hair smell like a walk in Provence.

Sammy is a true artist. I rarely like how others blow out my hair and often end up redoing it once I get home. Not her! She gave me the most gorgeous, voluminous look and then waved her magic wand. She carefully explained how to apply the clip-ons, starting from the nape and working towards the crown of the head. Within less than 3 minutes I had the hair of a princess. But we were not done. Next, Sammy used a flat iron to curl the bottom of my hair in order to perfectly blend in the extensions. The final result was unreal—va-va-voom locks without any possibility of knowing the truth. It was like those Christy dolls from the 70’s, where you push the belly button and the doll grows inches of shiny hair. I could not believe the match of color—simply magical.

I wear my extensions all the time and nobody even knows. This is the greatest experience and what a fun and easy transformation. No girl should be without an experience at RPZL. You won’t be the same when you leave.

For more information, visit http://www.RPZL.com

RPZL Salon
27 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212.255.0036

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