Samuel Shriqui Cuts Apprehension Out of Cuts: Top Salon Expands Presence off Madison


Snippity, snippity, snip. Such are the sweet sounds of scissors styling the latest do at the newly expanded Samuel Shriqui Salon on the Upper Eastside – a sound you only welcome when you know its result is going to be worth the risk. No pain, no gain, right?

Owner/stylist Sam is a master craftsman whose hairstyling expertise blends the fine art of style with technique. Topping the list of top salons in the Metro area, the Shriqui Salon has been perfecting the art of hairstyling since 1996. Today, with its dazzling renovation and expansion Shriqui, lays claim to the newest beauty bastion around.

I recently paid a long-overdue visit for a revamping of my own. (I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t had a cut in six months.) My long, thick, curly hair needed haircare S.O.S. badly. To put it succinctly, I was totally tressed out. Sam, with his calm and reassuring demeanor, really helped me let my hair down. With an eye toward something chic and defiantly different, I embarked on a radical change. I was on a quest to transform my unruly hair into something shorter, snappier and sexier for sure.

The attentive staff took my coat, offered me a robe and provided an escort to the shampoo area – all of which made me feel immediately welcome. But what followed was even better: this was not just any shampoo. The heavenly scent lulled me into a kind of Nirvana and the shampoo sent all cares packing. Next stop was Sam’s heavily trafficked chair. He’s calm, patient and determined to do justice to a client in desperate need of it. A bit of banter, an exhilarated understanding and – voila! – the scissors were in hand, doing their job.

Almost instantaneously, my apprehension was held at bay and in its place came excitement for the moment. The new length Sam made for me skims my shoulders, in a sophisticated, appealing swing. “Yes I like this,” I thought. After a professional blow dry by the master himself, I couldn’t help but say, “OMG is that me staring back in the mirror?” So chic, so sassy, so – ooh la la! (Yes, that term is just too apropos to skip over.)

As a full-service salon, Samuel Shriqui also offers color, waxing, facials, keratin hair straightening and glorious mani/pedi’s in the one-of-a-kind Essie flagship salon. For those suffering with a full-blown case of cabin fever, there’s even an outdoor area for salon services and events when weather permits. With temperatures still hovering around freezing (what’s up Spring?) I’ll pass for now. But next time, count me in!

Samuel Shriqui Salon
35 East 65th Street, Between Madison & Park Avenues
Hours: 8:30 – 6:00 Monday – Saturday

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