Sanat Hair Salon, A Gem on the Upper East Side

Winner of the 2019 New York Hair and Beauty Awards 2019, Yuksel Sahin has been recognized as New York’s most talented hairstylist. An incredible recognition in a city with so many pretenders to the throne, he is the founder/owner/ colorist and self-proclaimed “hair extensions/wig artist extraordinaire” at Sanat Salon.

Yuksel is a second generation hairstylist from Antalya, Turkey with top tier salon New York City credentials. In Turkish, Sanat means art. “Hair is an art,” says Yuksel.” Our mission is to empower our clients, to transform their hair goals from fantasy to reality. Each client -man or woman – is a blank canvas a new challenge that we get to turn into a masterpiece.”

The salon is nestled on the Upper East Side between 1st and 2nd avenue. Yuksel welcomes you in his atelier as if you were visiting him at his house and he had just cooked dinner. “Sit down! What would you like to drink? Water, coffee, ginger ale?” I came in to have a total change. My hair had grown a lot since my last cut and my color was totally faded.

After comfortably seating me, Yuksel started feeling my hair as if trying to figure out exactly what it was made out of. He told me my hair was damaged, dry, and sitting unattractively like a pyramid on my shoulders. I needed more layers. I asked him to cut my hair a good three inches but he thought it would suit me better to keep a bit of length but just clean the “pyramid.” He did this with a few strokes of his scissors, giving instantly more precision and power to my look. After a few weeks, this new simple style still looks great, even if I don’t have time to blow dry my hair in the morning.

For color, we opted for a basic dark blond look with low- and high-lights to create dimension. The new color is appropriate for the season and my complexion. Yuksel used Goldwell and applied Olaplex twice during each color application to repair my hair from dryness and breakage. The application of Olaplex improved the strength, shininess, and health of my hair. Afterward, Yuksel added Goldwell Intensive Conditioning Serum to lock-in my color. The serum ensures the color will last up to 22 washes. Sanat Salon does not cut corners and only uses top of the notch products.

Yuksel is a real artist with impeccable taste. He intuitively knows what to do to make anyone look their best. He knew that beach waves would compliment my look attractively and fit my personality. Though he listened attentively to what I was looking for, I knew I was with a real artist and connoisseur of female beauty and gave him total control over the direction of the creation of my look. The results speak for themselves and I was in love with them. Yuksel says that the majority of his clients “know what they want or trust me to make them look fabulous.”

Though Sanat Hair Salon boasts celebrity clients, Yuksel doesn’t ‘kiss and tell,’ because he values everyone’s privacy, including his own. His professional staff has more than 20 years of experience with continued advanced training. In Yuksel’s own words, “the best part of my week is seeing a client out on the street or at a restaurant with their friends – enjoying life and feeling good – getting compliments from their friends.”

This is the best hair cut and color I have had all year. I am really glad I discovered this gem on the Upper East Side. If you are looking for the best stylist in New York City right now, stop by Sanat Hair Salon.

Yuksel is involved with many charities including Ontario-based Golden Rescue, which flies stray Golden Retrievers from Turkey to North America and pairs them with new homes to help alleviate the epidemic of homeless dogs in Istanbul.

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