All-Season Beachy-Blonde on Purpose: Ion Studio’s Kim Pierce Proves Blonde Can Last


Beachy blonde bombshell hair. What self-respecting lady wouldn’t want that at least once in her life? Or always, everyday? No shame in that.

Even in a city like New York with a stylist on every corner, ranging from the very accessible (read $60 haircut, highlights and blow out around 33rd Street or in Chinatown), to the highly priced, highly sought-after names (i.e. your Rita Hazans and Sally Hershbergers), it’s hard to find someone who can give you the perfect version of “beach.” And not because they aren’t talented – they are, and very much so. But it takes time to get it right, to really know your hair and get that perfect look, or perfect in your eyes, that is. And that’s OK. Sometimes a few visits is better – then you really get to know your stylist, how your hair holds up long term, and how the color will set and change as the weeks go on.

This is the typical process I was expecting when I saw Kimberley Pierce at Ion Studio. Being an editor who writes about hair, I figured I would have one of those one-off experiences, as I always do, come out with good looking hair, and a few weeks later feel it blended in with all my other experiences. I didn’t expect I’d be back as unfortunately, I rarely go back (on to the next salon profile!)

I walked in knowing I wanted to go lighter – my roots were getting to be their usual unruly as I’m always running a few weeks behind, and it was the beginning of the summer after all – time to go for that beachy look. A few highlights – a well-done Balyage – will do the trick, I thought. Hold me over for a few weeks until I get too busy to even think about being overdue again for highlights. But Kimberley’s outlook was different. She wanted to create a good base whereby my new look would actually hold up. A color that actually stood the test of time. What a concept! When it grew out, it wouldn’t look like I just needed some more highlights, but rather that I had done it like this on purpose. That I, you know, woke up like this.

With Kimberley’s techniques, which included a base bump to bring my base hair color up a notch and some glosses at the sink, I left the salon with a look that wasn’t a one-time fashion that I’d soon tire of or feel “blah” about. In fact, I was so taken with the natural yet bright look, that I decided, for the first time in more than six years, I would actually go back to her again. Yes ladies (and gentleman – if there are any of you out there reading), I went back to Ion Studio just a few weeks ago for an update to the look and to go just a touch lighter. I can firmly say the second time with Kimberley was even better than the first. She took the blonde to a new level while still maintaining a natural look that will grow out flawlessly.

But enough about Kimberley…for now. While I could gush and gush (really folks, her color skills are something special), I want to also tell you about the salon itself, and my adorable stylist, Yannick Delort, who gave me a great cut to go along with this fab new color. Yannick was born and raised in France who started working in young and edgy salons in 2006, where he developed his own creative style of cutting and shaping hair. He moved to New York in 2010 and delivers everything from the safe, “most beautiful you” cut (what I was going for), to edgy styles suitable for the funkiest Berlin club. Between Yannick’s cut and Kimberley’s color, I was a full-on Ion convert. The second visit for Kimberley color sealed the deal.

So you’re wondering, does this mean I’m giving up reviewing NYC salons? Have I found a salon I will be 100 percent loyal to for every color job the rest of my life? Well, that might be a stretch. I love this gig a little too much to go that far. But I will say I have finally found someone who I feel confident I can see regularly, should I ever not be doing this job. That’s a testimonial, eh?

Ion Studio
41 Wooster St.
New York, NY 10013

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