Smelling Through the Seasons:
A BN Look at Scent-suously Delicious Hair

In what can best be described as faster than a New York minute, fall has fully engulfed our glorious city and is already passing us by, leading us into colder months. Leaves have changed and fallen and Halloween blew by only a few days ago reminding us that it’s time to prepare for a few more big holidays before we round out the year.

So as not to be depressed by the fleeting passage of time, BN decided to warm up with a little spice – and not where one might conventionally find it. Rather than stuffing our mouths with warm pastries or soaking our skin with heavy vanilla-scented perfumes, we’ve brought those same ideas to our head – literally. In a quest to make warm of the cold without gaining 15 pounds or choking our co-workers, we’ve found some of the most warming, spicy and delicious scents for our hair and we think they do a good job at letting us indulge a lot with only a little (if any) guilt.

The Indecisive Sweet Tooth’s Dream

Apple Pie. Chocolate Cake. Candy corn. There are plenty of sweet treats to go around during the holidays. The trouble is often deciding which to have. If you’re anything like BN, you probably resign yourself to the fact that you’re having it all. Good news: you can do the same with your spicy and delicious scented hair products when you shop Soap Silly.

Kaeli~Curl™ Curly Treats™ from is an anti frizz crème that’s formulated for those looking to control fly-away frizz while maintaining curls and keeping things light. What’s most fun about it though is that it is customizable. A special section on the website gives detailed descriptions of all the scents offered by the brands which are available for your selection. Some new scents like Appleberry Crush, Pumpkin Cupcake Delight and Gingerbread House are just too perfect to pass on. The product is also useful as a detangler on youngsters who will especially love the yummy scents.

Philosophize Your Sugar Sin

It’s no surprise that Philosophy has some of the best-smelling products out there; so much so that every month we come across a new one we want to sink our teeth – um, hair – into. The company’s Halloween box set was too cute to ignore, and even though the spook-fest is over, we still love the products for fall.

The 3-in-1 shower gel, bath bubbles and shampoo products are better than ever with new, spicy scents for the fall and winter available at Sephora stores or through If nothing else, they look adorable on our bathroom sink tops. The three together – Black Licorice, Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice Muffin – look like a little basket of foliage to savor the changing of the seasons.

Cleanse Your Palette with Citrus and Flowers

New from L’Occtaine, the Aroma Volumizing Shampoo offers a refreshing scent for your tresses, which will be a welcome surprise after the dousing of deliciously sugary products you’ve been reading about above.

Available at Sephora stores, the shampoo is made with a natural complex of five essential oils and scented with orange and rosemary. The silicone-free product brings volume, shine, and lightness to hair, and helps rebalance the scalp adding softness and vitality to strengthen and stimulate fine to normal hair.

Wash it Down with a Brisk One

After all that ham, turkey, pie or whatever else you might have gorged on, you might be looking for a cold one – a beer that is. But come on, haven’t you had enough edible indulgence? How about skipping that extra pint and instead pouring it on your head? Ok, perhaps that’s extreme, but with LUSH’s Cynthia Sylvia Stout Bottled Shampoo, you’ll sort of feel like you’ve done that. Well, minus the sticky beer scent of course.

The lemons added to this mixture give it a refreshing finish. The Cynthia Stout shampoo, available at LUSH stores or through, is great for frizzy hair. Its recipe includes organic lemons, and of course, a dose of Irish stout which adds weight to hair and smoothes cuticles. The lemons add shine and you end up with a delicious smelling head of hair all day. Warning: Friends don’t let friends abuse Cynthia Stout.

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