Soho’s New Cutler Salon

I change my hair color so often that my husband teases me, and says that if I were missing, he wouldn’t know what color my hair was when reporting it to the police. I clearly have fun reinventing myself with new hairstyles and different colors.

It was time for that inevitable change, yet again. I decided to visit the brand new Cutler salon in Soho on West Broadway. The original Cutler salon is located at East 57th and Park in Manhattan.

The front windows of the salon welcome the natural sunlight, rendering it bright and inviting. The spacious salon was adorned with vibrant colors: bold shades of orange, lime green, and hues of blue were mixed with white and silver, which created a very cheerful atmosphere. The various nuances of this funky, high-tech downtown location are what make it unique. Both Cutler locations offer the same quality and expertise, but Cutler Soho has added innovative aspects, such as a Redken color lab in open view for clientele to observe the mixing of the “magic” potions used to take the clients hair from drab to fab – or from golden blonde to fiery red, whatever their heart desires.

David Kastin, Soho partner and senior stylist, says the mixing and measuring is fun for the client to watch. He uses the analogy of a restaurant with an open kitchen. It’s intriguing to watch the chefs creating their culinary feasts – to see the artists at work, so to speak. Cutler Soho has the same concept.

There are numerous flat screen televisions throughout the salon, and miniature versions at each workstation. These showcase everything from fashion to travel, and beauty to architecture, entertaining the client while he or she is shampooed or drying under a heat lamp.

Another great feature of the salon is the groundbreaking Redken computer-generated styling tool. Have you ever wondered how you would look with another hair color? What is the ideal haircut to compliment your high cheekbones? You can fill out a “Personal Hair Profiler” questionnaire, answering a few relative questions about yourself, such as skintone, eye color, and shape of face, etc. and in a few minutes – voilà !- recommendations for the best colors and cuts ideal for you.

I came to Cutler Soho teetering on the idea of going from red to blonde. I also wanted to make a style change. David Kastin was cutting my hair and Laurie Edwards, one of the color specialists, was doing my color. My consultation was with both of the, which enabled them to collaborate, coming up with a perfect color and cut to compliment my features. I was impressed with the time they took to make sure that not only would their ideas work well together, but that I was happy with what they had in mind. We came up with mixing strawberry blonde highlights with rich brown undertones to match my natural color. My hair is naturally curly so we had to have a style that would work when I wore it curly or blew it out straight. David also took in consideration that I pull my hair back in a ponytail when working out or training clients. I was excited about the vision and loved the finished results even more. I came out with strawberry blonde highlights that matched my skin tone beautifully.

Cutler Salon carries the full line of Redken hair products. Laurie suggested the color-extend conditioner to maintain my new ‘do. Redken is very reasonably priced; my conditioner, for example, was only about $13.00.

I have already received many compliments on my latest color and cut, and even my husband likes the change.

So, be a little adventurous, try Cutler Soho salon and have a go at a fresh hair cut and color. It’s fun to do something a little bold and different.

Visit their website,, for further information and a list of services and prices.

Visit Cutler Salons at either of their locations:
115 East 57th Street
465 West Broadway, Soho

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