Spring Fashion Week? Check. Get the Hottest Hair Trends from the Experts? Check.

Designers have switched off the sewing machines. Models are done changing outfits between shows. Makeup artists have packed up their shadows and lipsticks. And hairdressers have returned to their salons.

The highly-anticipated Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week is over and we can safely make predictions about what we’ll see our favorite celebrities and our best friends wearing next spring – and this fall for that matter. As for hair – we talked to some of the experts about how they styled hair for the shows and how the looks will trickle down to the consumer. Here’s what we’ll be seeing in hair for the next few months – take note because whether it’s a conscious decision or not, you’ll probably end up sporting some of these looks.

For the coming season, experts suggest that we should continue to play with braids and not be afraid to pull hair back in a bun for an “of-the-moment” look. This season’s buns and twists are both sleek and neat or evoke a “morning-after” feel.

BN caught up with some hair experts, including Mario Russo, owner of Newberry Street’s staple Salon Mario Russo, Johnathan Breitung, owner of newly-opened Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa and Manhattan’s own Suki Duggan, as well as taking a look at the Emmy attendees, for an in-depth look at next season’s tress trends.

According to Russo, the big trends are a short, solid color pixie cut, wavy bobs with short bangs and a heavy 80s influence in styling. Russo sees this season’s signature look as more glamour, rather than simply straight or curly. “This season we’re seeing hair that is more finished,” says Russo. “More waves than curls and looks that evoke a 70s straight with the reemergence of headbands.” The perfect bun is very easy according to Russo and should be far from perfect when finished for a chicer look. “Simply pull hair to the center of the back of your head. Make a ponytail, take the rest of your hair and wrap it around the base of the pony tail,” explains Russo. “Use hair pins to secure and you’re ready to go.”

“Simplicity and sophistication are what to look for,” says styling guru and owner of newly opened Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa, Johnathan Breitung. “Single, all-over color, sleek, straight hair and the traditional bob will prove to bring back the chic, stylish look.” Breitung says bangs, no matter the length or style, will continue to be a top trend. Breitung also recommends playing with twists, braids and low ponytails to compliment a structured fashion. He agrees with Russo that hair color will be much richer this autumn. “Look for a return to single-process, all-over color with few highlights,” says Breitung.

At the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, PureOlogy’s PureArtist’s, Angel del Solar, Wendy Belanger, Darren Pena, Mary Katherine Hecht and Sherilynn Smart gave the latest hair trends and tips about what’s going to be hot this season – and their trends come straight from the red carpet. According to these hair experts, the top three trends for the season are: timeless waves as seen on Kyra Sedgwick, Terry Hatcher and Brooke Shields; classic chignons as see on Hayden Panettiere, Christina Applegate and Lauren Conrad and the low ponytail or bun worn by Julia Louis Dreyfus, Heidi Klum and Marcia Cross.

According to Duggan, owner of Manhattan’s Donsuki Townhouse Salon, women will be bringing back Old Hollywood Glamour in a ‘big’ way. Expect hairstyles full of volume with lots of bounce. Striking and romantic retro-waves, long plunging curls and a very subtle crimp are all making a comeback, according to Duggan.

Evoke your inner Oscar winner by following Duggan’s easy steps below:
1. Towel-dry hair and apply volumizing mouse, starting with roots and then finger-spread through the rest of hair.
2. Blow dry hair with a bristled round brush until hair is completely dry. Separate hair into four sections – crown, right side, left side, and back.
3. Use two to three medium-sized Velcro rollers per section and roll hair under towards your scalp; leave rollers in for approximately 5 minutes
4. Flip head upside down and finger-brush
5. Flip it back over and brush out your hair with a bristled brush and finish with a touch of hairspray.

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