Spring Hair or Hair Sprung?
Calm that Weather Woe with These Goodies


They say April showers bring May flowers – but your hair might beg to differ. With impending rain and unpredictable weather that often carries from April through who-knows-when; our hair needs something a bit more powerful than a good cut or blow dry to keep its fashion forward-looking. It needs weatherproofing.

Anyone with even a slight bit of curl knows that it can turn from wave to washout in seconds, or frizz to frazzle once the first raindrop hits. If you suffer from sickeningly straight hair, on the other hand, then you might not bother on hot or rainy days since the weather is inevitably going to ruin any look you feebly attempt to create.

Luckily there is some hope for such problems. BeautyNewsNYC brings you these ingenious products that are specifically engineered to help you beat out the weather. Rain or shine, you will not need to change your intended style, and the weather won’t change it on you.

If there’s one household name brand known for a cunning ability to trick hair into doing just what we want it to, it’s John Frieda. His new collection, Weather Works™ by Frizz-Ease™ is a collection of products designed for hair suffering from snowy static and rain-drenched frizz.

According to John Frieda’s global creative consultant, Serge Normant, the new collection takes weather “out of the equation” when he’s planning a style for a shoot. In addition to providing a shielding technology to keep scare away the elements like wind and water, the line of shampoo, conditioner and styling crème has a UV inhibitor to protect it from the dangerous sun. In the shampoo, Glyceryl Oleate helps to smooth and soften; in the conditioner, the silicone Aminopropyl Dimenticone helps to resist humidity; and in the Style Sealant Crème, a complex of polymers and silicones maintain style. But big words aside, we’re excited that you can get this weather fighting brilliance for under 10 bucks!

Good things come in small packages, and blow hair products make no exception.

The company’s small, eyedrop-like packaging packs a lot of punch, offering products that cleanse, style and straighten. But we’re interested in one of its new products; the weather or not climate neutralizer ($20.00). This little bottle contains a concentrated, weightless serum that locks out humidity without any sort of greasy residue. It’s good to use on dry hair as a glossy finish and on ends, but can also be used right after towel drying for an enhanced level of weather neutralization.

Slicked and Sleeked
Wheat and vitamins do the trick in Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel ($22.00). Plant extracts in this gooey-good gel are activated by heat and humidity to tame, smooth and control curly and unruly hair. The product is a conditioning protein that’s designed to retract in humidity by opening up and absorbing moisture and closing when it’s full.

Because weather activates the protein, it stays open in humidity to continue to absorb the moisture so that hair won’t frizz. Work the gel into your palms and rake fingers through the underneath layers first and then, beginning at the crown, rake downward toward the ends, followed by a final raking motion from the temple forehead to the crown. Style hair as usual and get ready for a slick, non-frizzed look on a rainy day.

Straightly Relaxed
Before going out on a humid, rainy day, you might as well bless yourself with the sweet smell of apples; so what it’s not fall? Using Paul Mitchell’s new Super Skinny™ Relaxing Balm ($15.95) will give you just that all day as its apple fumes release when moisture hits and the formulas are released.

The balm smoothes and conditions unruly strands while providing a humidity resistant formula with a “memory” that locks in smooth hair no matter what the weather. The Super Skinny Complex displaces water for reduced dry time and speedy styling. Applying two to four pumps of the balm from scalp to ends on clean, towel-dried hair will give just the right amount of straight to relax those follicles when weather creeps up. And smelling like an Appletini all day doesn’t hurt.

Be careful when prepping hair for impending weather – you may inadvertently eat your hair product over rice. FHI HEAT’s Hot Sauce comes in a small red bottle that looks good enough to pour over your favorite entrée, so there’s no doubt it’s good enough to pour over your locks.

The crystallized Jojoba inside rapidly infuses moisture while you heat style. After towel drying hair, apply a small amount of the product to the ends and mid strands. Let it sit in your hair for one minute, then blow dry and remember not to put the bottle back in your kitchen cabinet.

Honorable Mentions – Since weather-proofing is a must-have for hair products this spring, BN wanted to let you know about a few other products that are worth a closer look: Philip Kingsley’s Weatherproof Styling Froth, Tame, humidity fighting shine serum from Salon Labs’ chemistry line and the Humidity Blocker Finishing Shield from Joico’s Design Collection are all worth stocking up on for the spring rain and summer heat and humidity.

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