Stylist Spotlight: Barry Reitman from the Juan Juan Center in Beverly Hills

Styling for the stars isn’t easy, and making it big in the Beverly Hills hair salon scene takes some major talent. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, master colorist and stylist Barry Reitman (who is currently making his mark at the renown Juan Juan Center in the heart of the city) can be considered an expert in the field. He’s serviced numerous celebrities and dignitary clients in the U.S. and overseas, and the “roots” of his career stem from working at the original Vidal Sassoon Salon on Madison Avenue in New York City.

In 1980, he relocated to California and opened his own salon on Wilshire Boulevard, which he later sold in 1992 (at which time it became the Juan Juan Center, where he has continued to work). His mission, however, has always remained the same – to create new images for his customers and to offer the most advanced color techniques around.

Throughout his career, he has been featured in magazines, on television and in film. He has developed looks for major fashion shows and industry photo shoots. During his time at the Juan Juan Center, Barry has become known for his signature service of applying a glazing and highlighting technique (also known as color blocking) that he both developed and mastered. It creates a three-dimensional color look that offers an amazing, natural appearance. He is quoted as saying that he believes simplicity is the essence of beauty, and luckily for our readers at BN, he’s agreed to answer some of the questions we simply needed answers to ASAP.

BN: How did you come up with your signature color technique of glazing/highlights, and how did you know it would be such a big success?
BR: I wanted to perfect the same natural color process that nature creates. By chemically lifting the color of hair and then applying the glaze color, I can create the exact target color desired more naturally.

BN: In the past I have heard you mention the benefits of deep conditioners, especially during dry seasons. Can you suggest basic year-round regimens that might be good for readers to follow to maintain the health of their hair? For example, how often to color, cut, use deep conditioners, switching to UV-based products for summer?
BR: Coloring the hair should be done when roots become visible. Highlighted hair can be done every two months, or when you need a lift and feel your hair is not “award winning.” Men should have haircuts every three to four weeks to keep that edgy look. Conditioners are the most misunderstood of all treatments. At-home conditioners should only be used when needed. If the hair feels and looks dry that’s the time to use it, not after each shampoo. Treatments in the salon should be done after each color process to seal in the color and give it that youthful silky feel and shine. UV products should be used primarily in the warm summer months.

BN: Working with so many celebs, they often need a quick hair pick-me-up for awards shows, etc. Any quick styling or great hair care tips/tricks you can offer us for the upcoming holiday/party season?
BR: Using Velcro rollers with the metal inserts is a great quick way to style your hair in about 10 minutes. On dry hair, roll your hair starting in the front and roll towards the back of your head, applying two or three rollers on the top. One roller on either side of head, wrap section of hair around, hold straight up and then roll down. Spray with a light aerosol hairspray and let dry about 5 minutes. Remove the rollers and run your fingers through the hair. You’ll great lift and movement. Finish with a light hairspray.

BN: What are the must-have products you recommend for girls/guys on the go this fall?
BR: I am crazy about a breakthrough treatment by Keratase called Fortifier. It strengthens the hair follicles and has silkening effects that last longer than most conditioners. For a really easy to use home conditioner I like J. Beverly Hills Masque. After shampooing your hair in the shower, comb through the hair and rinse immediately.

BN: Many readers have asked us about the shelf life of their hair products, and does the shelf life differ for shampoos versus conditioners or specific at-home treatments?
BR: Shelf life for both shampoo and conditioning products will last for years. Last resort, you always can rely on the sniff test.

BN: What’s your favorite part of working with celebrity clientele?
BR: The excitement and spontaneity of being called upon at any time; traveling around the world to do hair of the rich and famous.

BN: What was the most challenging aspect of opening and running your own salon?
BR: Finding top stylists with high standards and professionalism; involving the receptionist and shampoo assistants with each and every client to ensure that each customer is given the royal treatment consistently each and every visit.

Barry Reitman
Juan Juan Center
9675 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA

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