Summer Fling? Absolutely!


What’s the beauty buzz in New York City? Well, it’s the same this summer as it was last summer and will be for summers to come: you look gorgeous, you feel gorgeous, and you do as little as possible in the process. Complicated hairstyles and makeup are out the window, which means, basically: if you’re doing anything to your appearance in the morning which requires a “touchup” later on, you’re asking for trouble (and subtracting precious time from your naps in the park, chardonnay on someone’s patio, etc.). Now is the time to toss out the clutter in your medicine cabinet, and rendezvous with just a handful of goodies, all of which double-team your beauty and minimize your mirror time – so you can get your boo-tay out the door and into those sweet summer nights.

If you’re looking to fall in love fast, I can’t recommend highly enough the Terax haircare line, which I recently started using (and using, and using). Terax is a well-known New York favorite, available at Ricky’s, Bigelow’s and This Italian line features a number of hardworking products with relatively uncomplicated ingredients, and the simple agenda of maintaining balanced moisture in your hair. If you’re a minimalist, I would start with the Shamp Latte (a silky shampoo that smells like a vanilla latte) and Crema conditioner (four-time winner of InStyle magazine’s “best overall conditioner”), and ask yourself, Do I even need anything else in my hair? Because you may not. On one of my first days starting Terax I combed my wet hair into a bun, had my day, and at night took out the bun to find my hair smooth as though it had been set, at which point I realized that I forgot to use any sort of styling product that morning­ – my hair felt detangled and smooth already. As with all high-quality beauty lines, you need very little Terax product to achieve an effect. The point is that your hair feels good, not that it feels like you used a good product.

However, that’s not to say that summer products aren’t a great idea, especially when they do the job of two or three, and take great care of your hair. Terax also makes lovely Styling Lotions (I like “Volumizing” and “Shine”), which are extremely light – practically liquid – and keep your style very “touch me” as they condition the hair.

Another great summer product: Frederic Fekkai SPF Protectant Spray with shea butter. This is fantastic protection for all-day conditioning in the sun. It has a delicious, buttery fragrance (use it on wet hair, and when you take your hair down to go out that night – yummy.) If you color or highlight your hair this spray provides protection for your color, and also conditions the scalp. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner, and Glossing Styling Crème, infused with olive oil, are also summertime champs: they deeply condition and add gorgeous shine to your hair while somehow not feeling heavy. Frederic Fekkai can be found at and fine salons.

For great skin this summer, as with just about everything else, less is more. Whether you seek a cleansing routine to get your glow on, or you want a shimmery boost for evening makeup, there are plenty of multi-purpose products at your fingertips to get the job done.

I adore the SOTHYS line from Paris, which features a full range of mild, fragrant, shea butter and coconut oil-based skincare. Impromptu sleepover left you without your repertoire? Keep a tube of SOTHYS Morning Cleanser in your hobo bag at all times! This cleanser (which, again, you need only a tiny drop of) is so hydrating that you could, in a pinch, skip your moisturizer for the day if you’re using it. It might even be a very gentle body wash or shave cream, especially if the alternative is your boyfriend’s grocery store soap! Order SOTHYS products in the USA: 800-325-0503.

Lastly, let me remind you of two of the summer-tested, tried and true. For glimmery, sexy and super-easy glowing skin, you can’t go wrong with NARS “The Multiple.” “The Multiple” is available in an array of peach, bronze, and rose-toned shades and can be used on cheeks, lips or eyes to brighten bare or made-up skin. It is an oil-free, cream-to-powder consistency, formulated in an easy-to-use stick, in the sleek black NARS design. It’s so concentrated that it will last you all summer long, for a million multiple applications!

Dior Luminizer by Christian Dior produces a similarly effortless afterglow, but in a liquid formula that applies like a sheer tinted moisturizer. Very sheer, very soft, and one last time (especially in the heat, where skin becomes oilier) the tiniest drop is plenty. Bonus: smells pretty and floral, like many of Dior’s cosmetics. This is a tiny tube that can be flung into your tote with plenty of room to spare.

That’s the buzz for now! Stay cool, and happy summer lovin’ from Beauty News…

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