Summer Hair Damage Do-Over: Oscar Blandi Salon’s Kyle White Says It’s Not Too Late to Un-do Summer Damage


After countless weekends indulging my inner mermaid, my hair is looking less “beachy goddess” and more “stranded at sea.” As you can imagine, it’s not pretty.

As it turns out, all is not lost! Kyle White, lead colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon, shared with us some of his tips to avoid—and repair—brittle ends, green streaks, and other summer hair maladies:

Every summer I’m inevitably faced with the unfortunate task of fixing my clients’ meticulously crafted hair color that’s been ravaged by sun, wind, salt water, chlorine, Hampton’s well water…the list is endless.

The main reason for this havoc is that most women don’t really know (or believe) that these things can cause as much damage as they do. A chemist once told me that fifty hours of sun exposure was the equivalent of thirty minutes of bleach!

The message I’d like to start getting out is that destroying your hair every summer doesn’t have to be an inevitable fact of life like death and taxes. Your hair color and texture can look as stunning as the day you walked out of the salon, but you’re going to have to put some work into it. Shampoo, condition and out-the-door is just not enough!

Salt water and chlorine will not only fry your hair, it will turn your blonde locks into orange straw. Fill the cuticle of your hair with an oil, like Phytopage, that contains an SPF, so it won’t absorb the chlorinated water. Rinse your hair with fresh water from a hose or shower, when you get out and reapply the oil.

The sun will fade your hair color just like it fades paint jobs on cars and the cushions on your patio furniture. You should use a sunblock for your hair every time you wash (even in the winter). If you’re going to be at the beach/pool and in direct sunlight, also cover your head with a hat or scarf.

A clarifying shampoo will remove chlorine deposits on your hair. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the pool, Ultra Swim or an at-home solution of an apple cider vinegar rinse will not only remove any chlorine deposits, but will also take out any highlight dulling product build up, remove dead skin cells, and unclog hair follicles. Always follow any clarifying treatment with a deep conditioner to replace any lost moisture.

Frequent shampooing is the second biggest fader of hair color after sun exposure. Cut back on frequent shampooing by using a dry shampoo like the Oscar Blandi Pronto. Dry shampoos really work and will save your color, your blow out, and the health of your hair. Don’t worry about conditioning – the scalp’s natural oils are Mother Nature’s deep conditioner.

Be proactive! When hair is damaged, the cuticle gets holes and color molecules slip right out. Keep hair healthy by deep conditioning once a week. My personal favorite is coconut oil: heat a tablespoon in the microwave for fifteen seconds and sleep with it in your hair. Shampoo out in the morning.

Oscar Blandi Salon
545 Madison Avenue

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