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Strand Styles for the Season with Frédéric Fekkai

There’s not much I can say about [b]Frédéric Fekkai[/b] that you haven’t already heard – big time celeb hair stylist, industry icon, creator of innovative hair products, and a dashingly handsome Frenchman to boot. His wealth of hair insight is apparent in every move he makes. Speaking of which, this summer he’s reopening his salon at Henri Bendel’s and has also introduced some new seasonal hair care products designed to shield strands from sun damage while providing super styling options as well. BN caught up with the mane master to give you the 411 on how to transition your tresses into safe, fabulous styles for the sizzling summer season ahead.

Since summer tends to dry out the strands and scalp, we asked Frédéric for advice on how to create a good basic regimen for keeping hair healthy and protected from sun, chlorine, and sea. “In order for hair to look its best, it needs to be cared for just like the skin with the right products that protect from daily stresses such as heat-styling, color-treatments, and the sun,” says Frédéric. “Though certain types of hair are more susceptible to sun damage (i.e. color-treated or very dry hair), every person should shield hair from the damaging rays with a product containing UV shields. In general, hair tends to dry out in summer months, so it’s important to use products that add moisture back to the strands.”

From the plethora of products Frédéric has developed, he recommends using his [b]Frédéric Fekkai Shea Butter Line[/b] to keep summer styles in check. It helps condition and protect hair from dry, split ends, and the products restore manageability. “I also recommend my new [b]Frédéric Fekkai Sun Bandana[/b], which is basically sunscreen for the hair,” he adds. “For an extra moisture boost, apply [b]Frédéric Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask[/b] before leaving home, slick your hair back, and secure it in a bun. It’s a great opportunity to revitalize dry hair while at the beach, without anyone knowing. Plus, you will smell fantastic!”

[u]In terms tress trends for the summer cuts and colors, Frédéric revealed the following: “Subtle highlights will be worn this summer just like Spring ’06. The look is more sun kissed rather than severe. As far as cuts, piecey bobs are still the major trend for shorter styles, and layers are best for longer hair. Fringe will continue to be sexy and chic for this summer, regardless of hair length. Overall, styles should remain simple – classic chignons, whimsical waves, and ponytails are best for summer because they are fashionable, sexy, and effortless.”[/u]

In terms of the new summer products he’s prepared, the line is a tress trifecta that reminds me of the old age, good things come in three’s. “I introduced my new [b]Frédéric Fekkai Summer Hair Collection[/b] specifically for the needs of protecting hair during the summer months. No matter what type of hair you have, chlorine, humidity, sun and salt can do major damage. If you are not careful, stress from these elements can result in dull, frizzy hair, split ends, and brassy-looking highlights,” he says. “My new collection consists of three amazing products: [b]Sun Bandana[/b], a water-resistant crème/gel that protects hair against heat, color fade, and harmful rays; [b]Beach Waves[/b], a lightweight, heat-activated spray that protects hair from sun damage while simultaneously creating tousled, sexy waves; and [b]Wash & Wear[/b], a lightweight spray that refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly anytime, anywhere.”

For NYC girls on the go, Frédéric also offers the following advice: “Work with your hair type and embrace your natural texture. Especially today, we are seeing women wear their natural curls and leaving the flat irons under the sink for good. If hair is curly like Debra Messing’s, embrace your natural volume but use a glossing cream to prevent frizz. If it’s straight like Kirsten Dunst’s, use a volumizing product to add body.”

Items in the Summer Hair Collection are $20 each, and the Shea Butter Line price point starts at $22.50. For more information on Frédéric Fekkai, his products, and salons, visit [url=][/url].

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