Summer Styles 101: Three Stylists Help Save Our Hair


Um, hello summer. You’re hot.

Not hot like, George Clooney on his porch in Como hot. Or Ryan Gosling breaking up fights in the street hot. Like, sweaty, swampy, I just spent 40 minutes on a non-air-conditioned subway hot. Not pretty.

You’ve completely ruined any chance of my hair ever looking like January Jones’ cute cut, even though it totally looked like that in the stylists’ chair two weeks ago when I first chopped it.

UGH. Thank god for ponytails. A few tips from the pros who know what it’s like can’t hurt either (though they never seem to be quite as affected…what is THAT about anyway?)

Don’t Fight the Inevitable

On Target’s blog, A Bullseye View, Umberto Savone gives a few tips about keeping hair manageable and pretty during summer misery months. Savone advises that we NOT try to fight humidity as it’s really a lost cause. Instead, he suggests, use a conditioner with a touch of sunscreen in it as a styling product to work with the weather.

Umberto Savone>

Savone also advises that oils are not the enemy. Sunflower oil, gardenia, macadamia, olive and grape seed oils offer polish and shine. Savone says don’t be fooled by thinking summer hair = oily. In fact, it probably = dry, and needs some help from such oily solvents.

Don’t Skip the Moisture

Celebrity stylist, Martino Cartier, says “one of the biggest signs of aging is dull/dry hair,” which he says can make a woman appear 10 years older. Great, so not only do we look like drowned rats, we look like OLD, drowned rats. Oh, summer.

Martino Cartier

Hair is similar to a sponge and there is a limit to how much it can hold, says Martino. He recommends the following DIY recipe:
– Wash hair as you would normally, skip the conditioner and partially dry hair to about 80% dry
– Take a measuring cup sprayed lightly with Pam and mix mayonnaise, olive oil and the white of an egg and apply it evenly to the hair
– Heat up a towel in the microwave and wrap the hair leaving the mixture on for 5-10 minutes
– Rinse with shampoo and condition.

Sound gross? Kind of. But hey, if it helps to make summer hair look less frightening, we’ll take it.

Try a Top Knot

Makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, suggest this easy fix for those days when having any hair draped over your neck and shoulders seems unfathomable. Take a few easy steps to get the look:

Gocha Hawkins

– Gather hair at top of head as if putting in a high, slicked-back pony (for thin hair, tease gently and pull back)
– Divide hair into two sections, winding them around one another from the pony’s base
– Use bobby pins to secure hair by pinning the base and any additional hair
– Spray with some ultra-hold hair spray to keep in place

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