Ted Gibson Saves our Strands for Summer


Sun, salt water and chlorine signify summer’s arrival but our hair would rather hide under a hat for the next two months than face these seemingly innocent elements. Let’s not forget about the increase in heat and humidity that can turn even slightly wavy hair into the feared poof. You and your hair can make it though the summer months looking fabulous with the right cut, color and products to help you along the way. We caught up with the folks at Ted Gibson on 5th Avenue to get their expert recommendations on the right cut and color to take your hair through the dog days of summer.


Danielle Golburgh, color specialist at Ted Gibson, says the majority of her clients go lighter in the summer to match their tanned skin. She suggests highlighting hair and rather than going lighter all-over and going lighter with strands around the frame of the face for a brighter look. “Depending on the last time you had a full head, you may only need a partial for the summer as it’s easier to maintain,” says Danielle. She also recommends a gloss to lock in color and add shine. “Blondes may want to opt for a gloss to combat any brassiness in their color while brunettes may consider a gloss to add shine and luster.” Read more

We asked Danielle her solution to color fading, something that is an inevitable result of spending the weekend in the Hamptons or at the Jersey shore. “Scarves and wide brimmed hats are the easiest way to protect color,” says Danielle. “But not everyone likes to don a big hat or sport a do rag so you can always dampen hair and massage in dime-size amount of leave-in conditioner with SPF.” Danielle also recommends that swimmers put in leave-in conditioner in before hitting the pool so their hair won’t be able to absorb the chlorine. If your hair does turn green from chlorine, stock up on some detoxifying shampoo to rid hair of chemical build-up. Danielle also recommends that redheads and brunettes use pigment-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to deposit tone in hair and keep their color fresh all summer long.

Liam Carey, stylist at Ted Gibson, thinks summer does not necessarily mean shorter hair. His idea of a perfect summer cut involves a classic, simple shape with clean ends and bangs for added sex appeal. “Bangs are easy to maintain; most salons will give you a free bang trim between cuts to keep them looking fresh and they add style to hair on days when it’s so hot you just want to pull it all back,” says Liam. He encourages women to break the mold of the severe side part and go for the more natural look of letting bangs fall where they may. His all-natural outlook on hair also includes letting hair dry naturally. “Hair looks and works best when you leave it alone,” says Liam. “If you try and fight the humidity you’ll end up frustrated and hot. You can always pull hair back in a nice chignon or pony tail and look equally sexy and fresh.” For those of you who have frizzy hair, Liam recommends a product like Gibson’s Daily Plourish after conditioning to tame hair. If you’re not brave enough to dry naturally, Liam suggests giving hair a good pull with your hand away from your scalp and running the nozzle back and forth close to the hair so you can get it smooth and straight.

Remember, keep it simple. And the less time you spend worrying about your hair the more time you can spend on the beach or sipping cool drinks by the pool (or on the roof of your apartment building).

The Ted Gibson Salon is located at 184 5th avenue 2nd floor, NY, NY, 10010. For more information go to www.tedgibsonsalon.com.

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