The Allure of Natural
Yves Durif Celebrates Brides’ Inner Beauty


Not every bride is excited about the countless hours of preparation that seem almost required in order to create a modern-day wedding. Some women get hives just thinking about how much STUFF has to be accounted for; dresses, dinners, invitations, favors…the list is endless. The last thing such a bride wants to do is over-plan her hair and makeup. She might cringe at the idea of putting seven layers of cakey makeup on her face and 500 bobby pins on her head. Perhaps she is interested in the type of beauty that comes from within – something she wants to celebrate with her spouse-to-be on her special day, something that doesn’t stress her out like the table settings do. For this particular woman – and we think she’s a growing breed – there is a place where her beauty will be celebrated and complemented via her hair and makeup and she will not feel the stress that comes with the rest of the planning process.


At the Yves Durif salon on Manhattan’s sophisticated Upper East Side, stylists and artists work to make a bride look like the “most beautiful version of herself.” Through his and the team’s work, owner of the 10-year-old salon, Durif, touts his philosophy that the rapport between stylist, colorist and client is essential to a truly personal and harmonious style. Hair and makeup artist, Maysoon Faraj and stylist Patti Vaccaro, help brides-to-be feel sexy and natural through makeup and hair that accentuate her best qualities. “The bridal industry is such an industry,” said Faraj. “There are so many rules, so much planning. I can’t stand ‘bridal makeup.’ I don’t think a bride should look like she’s putting on a costume of being a bride.” Vaccaro agreed that many brides don’t want to look “costume-y.” They want to look sexy and natural.

In order to see exactly how the team at Yves Durif enhances a bride’s natural beauty, BeautyNews went straight to the source to try it out. What better way to see a philosophy come to life? With the help of talented photographer, Chad Riley, and our lovely model, Lindsay Roebuck, Vaccaro and Faraj created three looks for the modern bride; all of which commemorate the optimism, hope and beauty that’s naturally emitted by a soon-to-be-married woman.


A side swept, cascading look gives brides a feeling of romanticism sans any “fairy-tale falseness.”
Photography by

The first look Vaccaro created is for the bride who likes a “some up, some down look.” It’s a sweeping, soft and romantic look that’s good for an open-backed dress. “Lots of girls don’t want to wear their hair up, so this has a cascading feel,” said Vaccaro. Faraj kept the makeup soft and subtle, using washes of color on the eyes, cheeks and lips.


A mostly-down look is good for a bride who doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable wearing her hair up.
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According to Vaccaro, many brides these days simply don’t feel comfortable wearing all their hair up. If it’s not something she’s used to, why should her wedding day be any different? For the second, mostly-down look, Vaccarro swept part of our model’s hair off her face, but left much of it down so its bouncy curliness could be fully appreciated. “This look is great to wear with a veil and a dress that’s more open in the front,” said Vaccaro. Again, Faraj kept the makeup understated. “Your look is your chance to be your most personal,” she said. “So you need stylists and artists who can show that; who can make you feel comfortable on that day. That’s a comment we get a lot. Brides feel comfortable in themselves; the most beautiful versions of themselves.”


For a classic, off-the-neck look, Vaccaro put our model’s hair up but let some of its natural qualities fall to avoid looking like a typical “pulled-back” look.
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Finally, the Yves team created an all-up look, as many brides prefer on their big day. While the look does pull all the hair up and away from the face, it still maintains a natural quality without parts looking overdone or too tight on the scalp. “If you don’t like your hair, you feel kind of trapped,” said Faraj. “It’s important your hair dresser and makeup artist understand from where you’re coming.”

Yves Durif Salon
130 65th Street
New York, NY 10021
T: 212.452.0954

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