The Anti Anti-Frizz


As the enemy of polished looks everywhere, frizz is a much maligned, hard-to-ignore annoyance.

Everyone from the neighborhood drug store to your upscale department store and boutique apothecary has a hopeful solution for all levels of fuzzyheads; options for straightening, sleek-ifying, and flattening hair abound. From shampoo and conditioner to serum and spray, from pump to gel to lotion to leave-in, an army of products vies for your attention (and dollars) on crammed shelves. Each promises the easy path to sleek victory. But who has the best artillery, really, if all the products have shared the same “active ingredient” – namely, silicone – for 30 years?

While no one can dispute the fact that silicone can indeed help create smooth, shiny hair, its efficacy can come at a cost: it can also weigh hair down, making it look and feel greasy or limp.

Apparently though, no one has cared enough about those issues to improve upon silicone for three decades – that is, until the scientists at MIT wrapped their heads around it.

What they discovered is called PolyfluoroEster, a revolutionary formula that became the basis of Living Proof No Frizz: an absolutely (gasp!) silicone-free line of hair products. It was about time we at BN gave it a try after all the rave reviews we’ve heard.

Due to its small size, PolyfluoroEster can create a weightless shield on hair, thus preventing moisture flux in and out. Additionally, it coats the hair cuticles to reduce the friction between fibers. A patented, proprietary material, PolyfluoroEster resists humidity 30 percent more than leading silicones, and is not found in any other beauty products.

Living Proof’s No Frizz line includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Cream, and Styling Spray, all of which I was lucky enough to try. No Frizz Shampoo combines PolyfluoroEster with a new, sulfate-free surfactant system that lathers luxuriously and repels dirt, keeping hair cleaner, longer. The system was designed with color-treated hair in mind and contains no harsh stripping agents.
No Frizz Conditioner helps seal the deal by shielding hair with a weightless layer that leaves it soft, shiny, smooth and hydrated. By using No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner prior to No Frizz styling products, you sneak-attack frizz before you even leave the shower!

I tried the No Frizz collection on my thick, coarse, and naturally wavy hair; first with heat, then without. Left to air-dry, my hair effortlessly turned out smooth, with soft body and a smooth wave. Blow-dried, it was a sleek, shiny, clean curtain – a DIY blowout that rivaled my favorite stylist’s work. Best of all, it wasn’t flat, limp, or the least bit greasy – and it stayed that way for not one, but two days.


Who’s that?

Living Proof products are available at Sephora locations nationwide,,, and

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