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It’s time to make some realistic New Year’s resolutions, so how about starting with your most important accessory? (That would be your HAIR of course!) This year, instead of fighting with and resenting your hair, embrace your natural strands. Whether thick or thin, wavy or straight, you can make the most of your locks with the right tools and a little bit of love. So go ahead, eat another piece of chocolate and grab another French fry, but make sure to clarity, fortify, amplify and stylize the right way in 2006!

[b]Clarify: LOGICS (For Matrix) Clarifying Shampoo[/b] There are many shampoos out there that promise to diminish the dull luster product build-up creates. It’s important to include a clarifying shampoo into your cleansing routine to wash away impurities and leave hair clean and ready for styling.

LOGICS Clarifying Shampoo deeply cleanses without stripping color – good news to all us gals who visit our colorist on a regular basis. It builds volume on fine or oily hair and claims to neutralize mineral deposits. Those with any hair type – normal, oily, dry, fine or thick – can use this shampoo. Leaving no residue behind, LOGICS Clarifying Shampoo allows you to simply clean and clarify. Use a generous amount of the product and begin massaging shampoo into hair at the base of the neck, gradually working up a generous lather.

The folks at LOGICS suggest that those who have hard water (calcium in your tap water), install a water filter in the shower to prevent hair color fading (you may remember we talked about this tip when we covered Jonathan Product back in December’s Gifts to Get story). LOGICS Clarifying Shampoo has a retail price of approximately $12.00 and is available at fine salons in Manhattan and nationwide, various drugstores locations, and beauty supply stores.

[b]Fortify: Ecru Silk Nourishing Cream[/b] Ask any professional stylist or colorist and they’ll tell you the number-one mistake people make when it comes to hair care is lack of conditioning. As you know, continuous styling and coloring takes a heavy toll on hair. What about a product that not only nourishes hair, in addition to conditioning, but also aids in styling as well? Say hello to ECRU Silk Nourishing Cream.

This styling and conditioning treatment is a cream that includes ingredients of jojoba and coconut oils, vitamin E and silk protein, Jojoba and coconut oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Gardenia Flower – all of which provide conditioning and healing benefits to hair and scalp. It also adds luster and elasticity to hair while improving its texture, so hair feels soft and silky without being weighed down. For thick curly hair, blend a quarter-sized amount of Silk Nourishing Cream and run through damp or dry hair (I would recommend damp hair), comb and style as usual. Gals with fine hair will want to use very little of the cream – no more than a dime-sized amount. Apply to damp hair, comb and style as usual. Those of you with fine hair may want to follow with a volumizing spray to add extra body to avoid hair appearing weighed down. ECRU Silk Nourishing Cream is absorbed into the hair shaft to promote shine without residue and also helps cut back on stubborn tangles.

ECRU New York products are designed to work individually or together, are eco-friendly and not tested on animals. ECRU Silk Nourishing Cream has a retail price of approximately $21 and is available on websites such as [url=][/url] and [url=][/url].

[b]Amplify: Oscar Blandi No Gravity Volumizing Spray[/b] He’s styled the famous tresses of Hollywood knockouts such as Selma Hayek, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow. From the salon of Oscar Blandi, one of the most sought-after hairdressers in Hollywood and New York City, comes No Gravity volumizing spray.

While this spray won’t necessarily help your hair reach new heights, it will add ample volume and flexibility to limp locks. It creates a generous amount of shine and does a great job controlling pesky fly-aways. Perfect for everyday use, Oscar Blandi No Gravity also provides a liberal amount of hold without making hair sticky or greasy. Apply directly to damp roots and style as usual. Use less for thinner hair as too much product will cause hair to look greasy. If you are looking for insane cat-walk-like body, this product is not for you. However, if you seek shine, flexibility and a moderate pick-me-up, give this a go. Oscar Blandi No Gravity volumizing spray has a retail price of $18.00 and is available at Barneys, Sephora, and the Oscar Blandi Salon (212.593.7930).

[b]Stylize: Olivia Garden Brushes[/b] Sexy waves and soft silky hair never go out of style. Why not make a resolution to cool down your curling iron and give your straightener a break from time to time in 2006? Instead, turn to a styling tool that is easy to use and creates salon-like results.

Olivia Garden makes innovative, high-quality hair styling products that use state-of-the-art technology. The tool to try is the Ceramic + Ion Turbo Vent Boar Brush, which features the Ceramic + Ion technology that Olivia Garden introduced with its thermal brush collection, but now it’s available with the extra benefit of boar bristles.

The Ceramic + Ion Turbo Vent Boar Brush can be used on any hair type. The advanced Ion technology is found in many hairdryers that leaves hair shiny without frizz or fly-aways. The Turbo Vent airflow system features large vents and a hollow, ceramic-coated barrel to allow proper airflow and remarkable drying speed. This brush can be used on either damp or dry hair and will not create unwanted static. The results prove this product stands out against any ordinary brush you’d purchase in a drugstore.

Available in four sizes, the brushes have a suggested retail price of $16.45 (2″ size); $19.45 (2 ½”); $20.45 (3 ¼” size); and $24.25 for the Mega. It’s available at Ulta, Trade Secret, and other fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. But perhaps the best part of this affordable salon-quality brush is its manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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