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[b]Clarify: Clean Up Your Act[/b] Feeling weighed-down or perhaps a bit dull lately? Maybe it’s time you changed your cleansing regimen. Gel, mouse, wax and especially hairspray can cause major build-up and leave a residue on hair follicles that can make hair appear lifeless. This month the spotlight is on Pantene™ Pro-V™ Purity Clarifying Shampoo.

Formulated with a new Amino Pro-V Complex, this shampoo cleans hair to remove build-up from daily styling. It’s clear, lightweight formula works wonders for us gals who love to pump our hair with products. For use on all hair types, this shampoo truly restores shine and cleanses just as well as it promises. The best part? It’s inexpensive luxury! Suggested retail price for Pantene™ Pro-V™ Purity Clarifying Shampoo is $3.99 for a 13.5 oz bottle.

[b]Fortify: Wanted: Hair Repair[/b] We’re all up for trying new things – so how about some DNA in your products? You heard correctly, the folks at the Pierre Michel Salon recently introduced RepHair, the first and only hair product line that focuses on restoring your hair’s damaged DNA.

This line of hair care products promises to prevent future damage caused by everyday external factors, chemical processes, sun, stress and aging. RepHair contains AC-11, an anti-aging DNA agent derived from a natural botanical called Uncaria tomentosa. It promises to restore, repair and revitalize hair; add volume and stimulate healthy hair growth; stop thinning and breakage and help prevent hair loss and thinning – all within 30-40 days of continued use. At BN we’re willing to try anything so we said ok to DNA and gave RepHair’s Deep Conditioning Masque a try.

Ask any professional and they will tell you that regular use of a deep conditioning mask is essential for healthy hair. After shampooing, the mask is applied to wet hair from roots to ends and should be massaged gently; rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes. After completing the conditioning process hair is left extremely soft and manageable. Fine-haired women may want to stray from the DNA, but those of you who seek deep repair from severely damaged strands should give it a whirl. This product is perfect for thick, coarse hair. Those looking to fortify can purchase RepHair’s Deep Conditioning Masque for $39.00 along with other advanced cellular products at the Pierre Michel Salon, 131 East 57th St.

[b]Amplify: Hold It Right There[/b] With all the styling you’ll be doing during the holidays, you want to make sure your ‘do stays put. L’Oreal textureline fixmove is a great answer for all types of holiday hair.

It’s a weightless gel that provides medium, natural hold without making hair oily. This product gives you the hold of a gel and the softness and shine of a wax without feeling unnatural or sticky. It’s the product’s anionic polymer that creates an invisible lasting hold while Guar gum allows fixmove to give you flake-free control without stiffness. Use this product to keep soft, sexy waves in place or to hold your bun back all night long. And since it is the holidays, feel free to be in the giving mood and share this with your beau – fixmove is for guys and gals alike! L’Oreal textureline fixmove has a suggested retail price of $12.50 for 3.40 fl. oz. and is available in salons.

[b]Stylize: Holiday Hair[/b] With holiday festivities just around the corner, chances are you’ll be spending a bit more time and attention to styling your hair. Flowing waves and extra body are perfect accessories to dress-up any ensemble. If you’re not very savvy with a curling iron, you may want to give hot rollers a try. Conair just introduced the new Ion Shine Instant Heat hot rollers.

These are perfect for the gal on the go. Rollers heat up in just two minutes thanks to the double ionic port system. The instant heat technology not only allows rollers to heat up fast, but also helps them hold heat longer. Don’t worry about damage – the velvet surface is designed to treat hair while creating smooth, shinny curls. With 20 rollers you’ll have enough for your whole head. They also come with Smart Clips™ – lightweight clips that hold rollers in place without leaving a crimp mark. Those of you with fine or super-straight hair should definitely give these a try – they are excellent for adding body and are perfect for creating a formal up-do. For tighter curls use less hair in each roller; for looser curls feel free to put more hair in each roller. The combination of eight jumbo, six large and six medium-sized rollers allows for endless curl possibilities! The Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat hot rollers have a suggested retail price of $29.99 and are available at WalMart.

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