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Let’s face it, while we all respect “The Academy” and want those who exhibited astounding amounts of talent over the past year to be recognized for their efforts in a most grandiose fashion, it all comes down to the Red Carpet. Whether you tune in early to watch the pre-show, surf the top gossip blogs during the host’s monologues, or thumb through countless glossy magazines post-event, the Oscars could very well be considered the pinnacle of celebrity style. Many feared the red carpet would not be rolled out this year, but thankfully that is not the case. We caught up with celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri to discuss a red carpet walker’s most important accessory – hair.


You might not be overtly aware of Enzo’s work, but on a subconscious level you most certainly are. You’ve seen his Emmy award winning work in numerous L’Oreal and Cover Girl ads, movies and on the pages of BAZAR and other top fashion magazines. Enzo is also well known for styling Charlize Theron’s hair the nights she won both the Golden Globes and the Oscar.

No stranger to the red carpet, Enzo has years of experience and is in high demand during awards season. When asked if the Golden Globes have any influence on the Oscars, Enzo had no hesitation.


“The Globes always set the pace for what we are going to see next in fashion,” said Enzo. “But the Oscars are more amped up. The glamour element at the Oscars is even more polished than at the Globes.”

When working with a starlet, Enzo feels it is mandatory that a stylist design the hair to compliment the dress or look. “Sometimes it means doing the opposite of the dress — an elaborate dress can call for a simple hair do,” he said. “It is a very conscious decision, one based on the other.” When it comes to requests, everyone wants “red carpet perfect” which Enzo described as a combination of efforts between the celebrity, makeup artist, stylist and hair stylist. Close collaboration with make-up artists is a must, and celebs are encouraged to color/highlight their hair five to seven days before the big event so there is time to do repairs if necessary.

As for this year’s trends, Enzo feels the resolution of the strike evoked celebration and glamour. Age is never a factor in his book, and therefore any style goes for actresses of all ages. “No style is out of the question if it is done tastefully,” said Enzo. “A punk look or pompadour is fine if it is tasteful and done appropriately.” As for his styling tools, Enzo’s precious bag includes a selection of products from Shu Uemura, Paul Mitchell, Bumble and Bumble and Matrix. How long does it take for him to create these red carpet-worthy styles? Surprisingly, Enzo spends just an hour and a half to two hours on a celebrity’s hair. He sets the style minutes before an actress steps in the car to take her to the red carpet. And when Enzo is doing hair, there is no need to carry extra bobby pins or a small can of hairspray. He says his styles stay put no matter what.

For those who want to replicate Oscar looks on their own, the task is not as daunting as one may think. Enzo recommends using products that make hair shiny and smooth. He feels women should keep hair simple and classy. Blow-dried hair with a round brush simply parted on the side or a pony-tail when it’s the right look for the right occasion are two styles he favors. For those of us who can’t afford our own stylist, Enzo shares his comforting words of wisdom that prove less is more, “Go simple. Don’t try to copy anything too complicated. The simplest looks are the most effective.”

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