The New Straight – Maintaining my Neo-Wave Revolution


The first time you try anything, it’s better to follow the advice of “less is more.” If you like it, and want to do it again, well anything is game, right?

Last June, I had my first appointment at the Cutler Salon. Afterwards, I had the best hair of my life. Well, until the curl grew out. I missed the bounce and ease of styling. I had much less maintenance with my new curly hair; it always looked alive compared to my old straight hair.

Six months ago, I never would have thought that I would not only want one perm this year, but two! So I decided to go back to Dawn Ramsay-Hiller for more of her permanent re-texturizing expertise. This time I decided to go curlier.

Lately Dawn’s phone has been ringing off the hook; she has been bombarded with requests for the new do. Dawn feels that the style is going to really catch on and be one of spring’s biggest looks because of its versatility.

This time around I was relaxed, knew the procedure, and knew what I wanted. I wanted more curves, more bounce, and fewer straight sections. The great thing about re-texturizing is that it allows for plenty of options. You can scrunched your hair up for a fuller and shorter look, or pull it into a low ponytail for a modern evening style. It looks sexy down and au natural; or chic rolls can be rocked into downtown funk.

How do you take care of your new do? Well, I learned that it’s very low maintenance. Most days it can be left to air dry on its own. Never touch it with a hairbrush unless you plan on ironing it straight, but why would you want to? Treating your hair gently will get you two to three months of lasting style.

Just remember those classic rules to maintain your curl:
– Avoid washing it for the first 24-48 hours after treatment
– Use a shampoo and conditioner which will keep your hair soft and shiny
– Only use a wide tooth comb.

Shape is critical, so to keep your perm tailored and up-to-date, make sure to keep up with your regular trim.

To schedule an appointment, call 212.308.3838 or visit Cutler at 115 E. 57th Street.

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