The Owl & the PussyCat: A Salon That Does YOUR Kind of Hair


Salon culture is so diverse in New York that when you walk into a place, you have no idea what you’re going to get. Snobby stylists, gas station bathrooms, and serious sit and waits are all realistic possibilities.

At The Owl & The Pussy Cat, a new(ish) salon in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, the culture is decidedly British from the name (borrowed from the title of a poem by English author, Edward Lear) to the garden out back.

Upon making my appointment, I informed co-owner Stuart, “I am a Black American with naturally curly hair.”

I was a little surprised when head stylist Jane had no reservations about taming my mane.

Jane immediately soothed my fears with her warm personality and a rapturous passion for hair. As she put the final touches on my trim, blow out, and style, I asked her, “Do you feel comfortable doing Asian hair, too?”

“It’s not about knowing how to do a certain ethnicity’s hair type,” she said. “It’s about knowing hair.” After two and half hours spent together a fabulous finish for my fro, I can attest to the fact that Jane knows hair.

When I spoke to Stuart about the culture of his salon he said, “We saw that there was a need for a place that suits our diverse neighborhood.” During my visit, a woman around the age of 60 got a cut in the adjacent chair and like me, she was happy as a peach. It was clear to me that this is the type of salon that welcomes anyone, anytime.

A sequestered kiddie salon downstairs, glasses of wine for people like me, price breaks for Pratt students and an overall relaxed and welcoming attitude, all add to the open-arms vibe. The Owl and The Pussycat is a lovely neighborhood spot that goes out of its way to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.

154 Vanderbilt Ave
(between Willoughby Ave & Myrtle Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Neighborhoods: Fort Greene, Clinton Hill
(718) 522-5697

Keywords: new salon, Devon Brown, Brooklyn hair salon, The Owl and the Pussycat, multi-cultural salon

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