The Scenic Route ~ Westchester Style

A search on for salons in New York City brings up 6,699 results. That’s a lot of places a girl can get a hair cut.

Ironically though, it’s easy for the NYC-salon romp to get monotonous. How many luxurious, high-end, contemporary salons can you see before they start to look alike? These days, salons have to provide impeccable service, offer something unique and have an impressive interior décor to be noticed by buzzing New Yorkers who simply have too many options.

That’s why BeautyNewsNYC decided to look in a few different – perhaps unconventional – locales for new places to find hair innovation (ala our suburban spa series). In the process, we realized that it’s not just Manhattan that has lots to offer for hair-conscious femes. Thus we begin our journey through the best non-Manhattan salons in Westchester County, where the Cherylyn Salon, Spa and Wellness Center gave us more than we bargained for and left an impression we won’t soon forget. The renowned Hartsdale spot caters to some of Westchester’s well-known socialites as well as city folk who make the reverse commute for the stellar services.

Anything but dull and ordinary, the Cherylyn Salon is a piece of interior design magic. It’s deep red walls, gold trimmings, antique furniture and elaborate art pieces make for an enriching all-around experience. “Every piece in here is an antique,” said owner Cheryl Lynch. Rich and luxurious crimson curtains give way to secret hideaways throughout the salon such as the color room or the changing station. Perhaps the most fascinating design elements in the salon are the pieces of art that are sprinkled throughout the walls and tables. Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer stretches wide across the wall in front of the hair sinks so that clients can admire it while assistants massage and wash their scalps.

To contrast the busily intricate but perfectly arranged décor, staff dress in all black with an accent of a leopard print here, silver Chanel and David Yurman there. Lynch personally attended to all my hair needs. While one of my main objectives in visiting her salon was to uncover one of Westchester’s best-equipped, most unique and luxurious salons, I of course (as always) was driven there by motivations for hair betterment. I needed a place whose reputation would convince me that its staff would be up to the task. This time around, I was set on getting some of the bleach out of my hair. For months and months, stylists have been telling me that I have to get my hair healthy – right before they proceed to douse my locks with toxic bleach. This time I was putting my foot down. A full-fledged highlight was NOT happening.

Cheryl was just the woman for the job. While she did have to put a few highlights in to even out my color, she knew that an overall covering of bleach would do nothing but fry my hair even more. And even she said – it was already bad enough. With a few sparse highlights and an overall blending of browns and coppers, Cheryl brought my hair back to a more neutral color palette, better for fall – though I’m still getting there. She then trimmed my ends and shaped my hair since my last cut had grown into an unattractive straight cut and needed a serious re-definition.

As for products, Cheryl’s and her staff’s philosophy is that different brands have strength in certain products. Therefore, she doesn’t back just one line but instead uses several brands.

What was one of the most memorable aspects of the experience happened to me while the color was being washed out at the sink. While I was leaning back, enjoying the wash/massage and pondering over the Klimt painting, Cheryl came over to me with a set of makeup brushes, concealer, eyeshadow and lipstick. She began applying my makeup while I was being rinsed and said, “Who ever does their hair without doing their makeup? How can you know what it really looks like if you don’t have your makeup done?”

It was a simple question and yet somehow – before this moment – I’d never thought of it. When I got up out of the chair and went over the Cheryl’s station to proceed with the cut and style, I was pleasantly surprised at how fabulous my makeup looked. As a makeup artist myself, I had to inquire about what she had used, and it turned out they were her own products. Cheryl, her salon and her makeup really make for an all-around gem.

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