Three Summer Hair Tips from the One and Only Rita Hazan


Having written about hair care in New York City for more than six years now, I’ve had the good fortune to visit many of the top stylists and most respected hair salons in the world. This can be a blessing and a curse as you’re not always sure what you’re in for when you put your treasured hair into a new person’s hands. In my experiences of these NYC salons, there are a few that stand out in my mind, one of which was the infamous Rita Hazan.

You may know her as the celebrity stylist who colored Beyonce’s new pixie cut before it was Insta-immortalized, or the woman whose color services start around $600. I know her as the woman who gave me one of the best color treatments of my life, who I happened to run into at New York Fashion Week a week afterwards, and who happens to be one of the coolest, most laid back celebrity stylists around. So when this woman releases some tips on how to care for hair in the summer, and she calls them “Rita-isms,” you can bet your butt I’m going to post them.

Thank you for these Rita – we hear you and we will listen!

Here are Rita’s tips on protecting your hair color from the sun as the winter starts to fade into distant memories and you find yourself walking outside toward no particular destination simply because you like the sunshine.

1. Your hair is sensitive. It’s not just your skin that was sensitive to the winter dryness you had to suffer this past year. Nor is it just your skin that’s sensitive to the harsh rays of the impending summer sun. UVA and UVB rays are a leading cause of fading hair color, says Rita. She also mentions that other summer activities can lead to faded color – chlorine and saltwater both drain your hair of its color. She recommends using hair products that have SPF and/or UV protection and to apply them a few times while in the sun, especially after swimming. If you’re strapped for product, you can put sunscreen in a water bottle – it’s better than nothing!

2. Sweat does not equal moisture. You might think the natural oils that your scalp emits more plentifully in the summer would moisturize your follicles. Not true, unfortunately. Conditioning treatments are just as important in the summer as they are during any other season. Rita recommends using a conditioning treatment once or twice a week to add moisture back to the hair and help restore its strength, shine and overall health. Dry or damaged hair won’t retain color as it’s too weak to do so – and the sun can dry and weaken hair in a flash.

3. Gloss is good. Rita loves glosses – so much so that she’s got her own line of them, called the Ultimate Shine Color Gloss Collection. Rita says that your hair should be treated with the same respect as your skin; and just as you would put moisturizer on your face every night, focus on integrating a gloss into your daily routine. Glosses protect color from fading and keep hair shiny so you don’t have to worry about dullness or fading between color treatments, she says.

Thank you for the awesome tips as always, Rita. See you poolside – hair color intact.

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