Through the Mist – Refresh Dull, Drab Hair Distress

Hundreds of hare products are introduced every year – anyone who spends countless hours searching for hair “solutions” knows this. It’s hard enough to keep track of them all, let alone put them in categories. Gels, pomades, dyes, lotions, crèmes…the list goes on. Perhaps the most refreshing of all the hair products are the ones we can spray on with the greatest of ease – these no-pressure, no-commitment mists are what we’re paying attention to right now, and we hope you do too.

With dozens of products flooding our inboxes and mailboxes weekly, we have the advantage to understand first-hand which of these mists is worth a spray or two. Some of our favorite brands reappear with new introductions that don’t fail to impress while other products are new discoveries for us, and hopefully for you too. Our favorite part is that you can pack these mists neatly in your purse and take them out at any time to refresh your look.

PureVolume Thickening Mist

A favorite here at BeautyNews, PureOlogy brings us its introduction for October – which just so happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month – with its PureVolume Thickening Mist, available through and at select salons.

According to the company, 49 percent of women in the U.S. have very fine to somewhat fine hair and 42 percent claim to have too little body in their hair. In response, PureOlogy created its thickening mist to deliver soft-textured volume and enhance color radiance and shine. The mist packs in exclusive volumizing technology with lightweight volumizers to penetrate the hair shaft and bring volume and vibrancy to dull hair. It’s also chock full of certified organic botanicals like lemongrass, papaya and ginseng. The company recommends to blow-dry hair with a round brush for the best effect. And of course, the product is 100 percent vegan, which makes us happy inside!

Cake Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair and Body Mist

We love Cake Beauty products because…well…because…they smell like cake. Isn’t that a good enough reason? We think so. But we also love them because they do what they say, and nowhere else is that more evident than in the deliciously smelling satin sugar refreshing hair and body mist, available through and select stores. Not only does this uplift and refresh your hair, it also can be used on your skin to make you feel sugary soft and clean.

The mist’s Aloe Vera Oil, Glycerin, lactic acid, fructose and Vitamin B3 come together to smooth, moisturize and stimulate cell growth. The lemon cookie scent is best enjoyed by misting the spray onto the hair and body whenever you need to absorb excess oil or refresh your overall scent. And a little hint from us – men love a scent reminiscent of delicious food, so don’t be embarrassed to sneak a spray when you spot your dream man.

Jonathan Spray Dirt

Remember the first time you opened a tub of Jonathan’s now famous Dirt? We remember it. In fact, we remember exactly what it smelled like, and that’s why we kept coming back to it. Now, Jonathan Antin brings us his fabulous product in a spray form, also available at Sephora stores and through

Not only can we have the “next-day” textured look and fabulous smell of Dirt, we can have it without actually getting our hands – dirty. (Sorry, we just had to do that.) The spray’s natural botanicals nourish and revitalize hair and help control flyaways while amp-ing up texture. Sweet almond and soy help to repair weakened strands while Vitamin B5 strengthens and adds luster. Like PureOlogy, Jonathan’s products are always 100 percent vegan. Again, we’re happy inside.

Ojon Revitalizing Mist

A regular favorite here at BN, Ojon once again comes through – this time with a pretty-in-pink product; its new Revitalizing Mist, formulated with no alcohol and available at Sephora, Nordstrom and The Pink Ribbon product was launched in honor of this coming October’s Breast Cancer Awareness efforts. The product was designed specifically for the cause, with 20 percent of its October sales going directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation™.

The weightless pre-styling spray is a leave-in conditioner that detangles, refreshes and preps the hair for styling. But if you’re hair is super dry (see this month’s deep conditioning story to figure that out), we say give a spray or two after styling – it won’t hurt.

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