Tools of the Trade: The Secret Weapon Edition

It seems safe to assume that we all own a blow-dryer. And being that blow-dryers don’t seem to vary that much, we’re not going to tell you about them here. Instead, we’ve dug up a couple of undercover tools that offer that extra something special. Here we go from start to finish.

Consider this, if you are what you eat, then your hair is what you wash it with. More specifically, your hair is only as clean your shower water. The Beauty Water shower purification system, by Jonathan Antin, filters out chlorine, metals and chemicals out of your shower water and gives you purer hair, naturally. It also helps hair color last longer. The system comes with one filter and can be purchased at

The right shampoo can mean the world to your hairstyle. It’s all about balance and a clean, simple cleansing, one like Ojon’s Tawaka Ancient Rejuvenating Cleanser, will do the trick. This anti-oxidant cleansing treatment is not only good for your hair but your skin, too. Ojon products can be found at Victoria’s Secret.

If you’re suffering from volume woes, or you’re just looking for some instant length, you might want to take a walk on the wild side and give hair extensions a go. Though hair extensions take a fair amount of commitment, new clip-in hair pieces are picking up speed as full-bodied, pop star hair is all the rage. Jessica Simpson, an expert on the subject, has joined with Ken Paves in creating hairdo, the clip-in hair made to give a little boost to what you’re already working with. The extensions come in multiple shades, lengths and varieties of curl to match your ‘do. Just make sure the piece is secure! Check out

The hair brush seems like such a simple device, one that we would never need to demystify. Well then, why are there so many of them? There are a few that stand out among the ranks: the round brush, the paddle brush, and the double-sided brush. If you’ve never used a double-sided brush before, there is indeed a first time for everything. Warren-Tricomi, offers a tension clamp brush that has bristles on both sides. It makes for a quick and easy way to eliminate ponytail bumps, and will smooth out your style with natural boar bristles. If you’re a classic girl, in need of some frizz control at that, check out Esthetic Plus’s ceramic and tourmaline brushes. They come in round both round and styling varieties. For more info:

Whether you’re going curly or straight, chances are that your hair will face the rigors of heat. Have a thermal treatment like Slickline’s Thermal Iron Smoother by Naturelle on hand to spray on your hair, especially the ends, before you triple-digit temperatures near it. It will protect your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees. Yikes. To find it, check out

Sometimes, you just need a flat iron. And if you’re going to go straight, go really straight. The new TIGI Hardcore Flat Iron makes quick work of the often long and tedious straightening process with its super long plates. Check out for more info.

And remember, when all else fails, grab a hair tie and rock the ponytail.

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