Touch Up Your Roots at The Madison Reed Color Bar

Now that Dry Bar has conquered New York City with its quick and easy blow dry solutions, it’s now the color bar’s turn to appear on the hair scene and throw the whole world of haircare on its head again. I am talking about Madison Reed a San Francisco-based company that opened its first “color bar” in the Flatiron district last December.

Convenient, quick and inexpensive, it is totally changing how we go about getting our hair colored. No more long appointments at your salon that bite at half your day, but more like a visit to a convenience store where you are in and out in 45 minutes with exactly what you need.

If you are one of the millions of women who color their roots at least once a month, this is especially practical as the salon offers a root-only option for $45. You can register your formula with your colorist after your first appointment so that it can be accessed to serve you next time you visit. If you’d prefer to color your hair at home, you can also purchase the formula online. Madison Reed makes it so easy that I became an instant fan after visiting the salon.

How It Works
The facility is gorgeous and set up to increase expediency. Color stations are set up along a “bar “ where you meet with the stylist that you reserved online. After being advised as to what would be best for your skin type or hair texture, you are invited to pick the color of your choice.
Your colorist starts painting your roots and—a quick 30 minutes later—your hair is already being washed at the sink.

For an additional $45, add-ons include purchasing a glaze to deepen the shine and color vibrancy or getting a blow out (you can dry your own hair for free). Depending on your time, it is good to have all these options as sometimes you just want to get a quick root touch up on your way to work or from the gym.

The best thing about Madison Reed is the color. Created in Italy, the color formula is nutrient rich and crafted without ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, and gluten – the irritating chemicals typically found in hair color that over time can affect your health.

It also has the cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certification. Rich, natural looking and available in 45 shades, the color is long lasting and the coverage is perfect—even with the most stubborn grays. The entire line of color is enriched with Argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root. I was surprised at how odorless and non irritating the application was and how the color withstood several washes after my visit.

Bringing the Salon Home
One of my favorite things about Madison Reed is that all the products used are available online, including the gloss. I often inquired in salons about buying the gloss that they used on my hair but the answer was always no. Being able to buy a professional quality product online and apply it at home is a far less expensive way to have that fabulous shine you crave every day. With Madison Reed, traditional hair salons with their rituals and restrictions are becoming a thing of the past.

I chose the option of having hair color delivered to my home every other month so as to alternate between getting the color done at the bar and doing it myself at home. To help cover grays after they pop up between colorings, I chose one of the available root touch-up makeups sold at the salon. The brush-on powder is made from safe ingredients including micro-milled pigments that give hair dynamic natural-looking depth and incredible coverage. It works on all hair types and shades, from rich caviar black to opulent platinum blonde.

Come in and try the new Madison Reed Color Bar. If you need to cover your roots every month, it is particularly convenient and will save you time and money while leaving your tresses in the best shape they have been.
For more info:

Madison Reed Color Bar
7 W. 19TH St. (at 5th Ave.)
Book an appointment online or call (646) 682-9432

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