Tress Tips: Help Bring Winter Hair into Spring


When it comes to a changing of the seasons, hair is often the biggest victim as it gets trapped in a battle between hot and cold, dry and wet, light and dark. The sun comes up, the temperature goes up, and what does our hair do? It reacts. Sometimes well, sometimes poorly. All we can do is try to help it along as it tries to adapt to the climate changes that only a North Eastern state like New York can so predictably offer – of whatever the case may be.


Bobs continue to soar throughout the spring and summer months

Nevertheless, spring is finally here and with warmer weather and longer days, we’re asking ourselves, ‘”What do I do with this hair?” The answer is: amp up the drama and take some risks. Now is the time to chop off any loitering and oppressive long locks and lighten up for what is sure to be a care-free spring and even easier summer in the world of hair.


Mario Russo

Mario Russo, stylist to celebrities like Teri Hatcher and Natalie Portman, filled BN in on some helpful tips for taking hair from winter to spring and into the golden months of summer.

As the warm months approach, highlights are a classic “do” for all hair colors. “If you are a brunette, for spring, it is nice to add a few highlights around your face as it tends to brighten it up,” Russo said. For other hair colors, Russo noted that a “lighter shade is ideal” for the spring ahead.


Headbands hold back bangs that are in transition

Curious what to do with your long locks and blunt bangs? Maybe it’s bold, but we say get rid of them. Russo said short cuts ala Katie Holmes and Jenny McCarthy are perfect for spring and summer. When asked what he foresees for spring 2008, Russo said, “Cute, short cuts that enhance facial bone features. Long hair is passé.” He went on to say, “Long, straight hair is out. The ‘Posh’ bob has taken over and is very popular. It is an ideal, easy style and gets hair off of the neck.” If you already dove in and went for the blunt bang look, don’t bother trying to style them in humid weather. Pin them back with a fun hair clip, headband or scarf, such as the Rubber Grip/Comfort Hold Headband from Scunci.


A cute way to get grown-out bangs out of your face

Sure, your blunt bangs seemed cute at first but according to Russo, they’re hard to style this season. Another look seen on many recent red carpets is the side braid, which is a helpful way to get pesky, growing-out bangs out of your face.


Kerastase Soleil Creme Richesse Intensive Repair Treatment

But hair’s color and style are not the only things we need to worry about when making the change from winter to spring. Russo pointed out that hair is drier in the winter. Considering many of us spend a lot more time outdoors in the summer months, he suggests sticking to products with SPF to protect hair’s endurance through the spring and summer sun. To revive dull, dry wintry hair, Russo recommends Kerastase’s new conditioning line.

Lastly, Russo leaves us with a few crucial tips that are important for upkeep of beautiful hair in any season: “Use leave-in-conditioners with SPF to protect color. Don’t wash it every day – just rinse. Don’t shampoo your hair every time. Apply conditioner to ends of hair always!”

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