Tress Tips: So, You’re Losing a Few Strands


They coat your pillow case. They cling to your sweaters, and they clog your drain. Yes, for the number of hairs we shed each day, it is surprising that we are not all going bald. Do you know that on average, the normal person loses up to 120 hairs every day? I contacted hair stylist Michael Schwarzer of Midoma Salon to ask him about the causes of hair loss and preventative measures that the average woman can take to keep her locks intact.


As it turns out, many women share the same fear of hair loss. “A lot of my clients sometimes feel they are losing their hair,” said Schwarzer. “This is especially true if they change their regimen, or if they’re not shampooing every day. If you skip a shampoo or don’t brush your hair for a day or two, you feel like there is a lot more hair coming out when you finally do. All the hair that you may have lost in the last few days is just now being brushed out. Also, women with longer hair may feel as if they’re losing more hair because it is more shocking to see 100 long pieces than 100 short pieces.”

So, what is it that causes hair loss? If you are losing hair from the root, the issue is most likely nutrition or lifestyle related, Schwarzer said. If you are stressed and not eating properly, it will reflect on your hair as well as skin. Most commonly, however, hair loss results from breakage rather than losing hair from the scalp.

To prevent hair breakage, there are several habits you can adapt into your daily routine. First, avoid brushing your hair before shampooing to avoid ripping the follicle. Schwarzer recommended using products from the Phyto line to help make the job of detangling easier. “[At Midoma} we use Phytobaume, which is a light detangler. It won’t weigh the hair down or make it heavy. If you need a little more, there is a smoothing serum called Phytolisse. I’ve found the product to be the best detangler on wet hair. Using these products is beneficial so that you don’t have to yank on the hair and you won’t lose it,” he said.


Once you have washed your hair, you enter the catch-22 of styling your hair. With all the heat and products we pump into our locks, this is the time of the day when the hair usually suffers the most. According to Schwarzer, the key is to buy quality tools that will protect the hair. Also try using a product like Phytodéfrisant. It is a relaxing balm that goes on your wet hair and is heat activated. It disappears and it’s a good humidity blocker.”

If after you have corrected all bad habits and found products that suit you, you are still experiencing a lot of breakage, don’t worry – there is an emergency kit for hair.

Milbon is a revolutionary product line. There are many hair products and treatments that promise things they can’t deliver, but this new product that we’ve tested is a collagen keratin treatment that involves layering 11 products on top of each other to restructure the hair from the inside out,” he said. While the treatment may be high maintenance and not inexpensive (starting at around $70), Schwarzer believes that it’s worth it. “It thickens hair and strengthens it, giving it more elasticity. It’s happy hair that’s not weighed down or clogged up.”

If after you’ve changed your hair care habits, products, and tried the Milbon treatment, you still are still worried about losing hair, it might be time to see a dermatologist or nutritionist. Otherwise, according to Schwarzer, “as long as you don’t lose it in patches or see bald spots, you don’t have anything to worry about. Take a vacation and don’t stress out or you’ll lose more hair!”

Midoma Salon & Gallery is located on 75th street. Check out for more information.

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