Tress Trend: How to change your look one extension at a time


When you think of extensions a variety of visions may cross your mind. Most think of the temporary clip-in method or the typical sewn in process. Both methods are a simplistic band aid or solution for the night or at best, a couple weeks. What if a more permanent resolution was desired?

I have tried every type of extension over the years, mostly after a bad haircut, and always in search of a volume boost to my fine hair. I was never really satisfied with the texture of the hair as it ended up looking ratty after a couple weeks and I was barely able to run a comb through it. In addition, most extensions didn’t feel like real hair.

I heard about Invisi-Tab and my interest was piqued. The procedure offered more permanent extensions guaranteed to feel just like your own hair. I was initially skeptical, but after a long and drawn out winter leaving my hair dull, depleted and deflated I decided to give it a try.

The process was applied by celebrity stylist Ron King. King matched my extensions (made from the purest virgin hair) to the exact shade of my multicolored highlights and lowlights. He applied each piece of the hair to the root in sections to blend in with my natural hair. The tabs latched onto the hair seamlessly and the placement was natural. My hair gained instant length and volume in 30 minutes with very little added weight.

The true tress test, however, would have to be within the wear of the hair. I expected it to last a couple weeks, but wanted to see if the system could go the distance it claimed before I gave my final report. I have now had the extensions in for three months and they are still going strong! I was tough on them, I will admit. I shampoo everyday as well as blow dried and flat ironed and they seamlessly have just grown with my hair.

I think the trick is in the surgical grade glue each tab of hair contains. My natural hair has grown an inch over this process and each piece has grown with it. I made a trip to Invisi-Tab’s NYC signature salon Salon Ziba to get a few more pieces added. Extension specialist Brenna Healy kindly filled me in on how to care for the extensions. She has worked with numerous lines and found Invisi-Tab to work flawlessly.

While at Salon Ziba, I had my hair colored with the extensions in as well! It was amazing to see how you could do the same things you could with your natural hair. Colorist Colin Christopher did an amazing Biolage treatment on me, which looked incredibly natural. There appeared to be no difference between the natural hair and the extensions!

Once the hair grows out, and in order to keep the process going, the hair has to be removed and reapplied every couple of months. The same extensions can continue to be used up to 3 times before new pieces have to be applied.

Key Tips:
– If you have fine hair like myself, try to get your stylist to place the extensions toward the back bottom part of the hair. Placing them on the crown or on the front sides might be harder to cover with your natural hair, especially if it becomes windy as they might be harder to conceal.
– Avoid oil based sprays and stick with conditioners avoiding the top part of the bond, this will make then last longer.


Salon Ziba

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