Tried and True:
A Do-It-Yourself Straightening System


There once was a girl with a head full of curls and oh how she was adored. Her curls were pinged and twirled – she felt like the fairest in the world…until she grew up and realized she looked like a throwback from a time when afros were cool…

Enter Haime Munoz’s EasyStraight, a revolutionary three month straightening system that transforms your unruly waves, curls, and frizz into straight, sleek, sexy hair. This three step, do it your self kit has everything you need to turn your closet sized bathroom into a top notch salon (cape and gloves: check; clips, comb, and spatula: check). You’ll emerge with gorgeous hair that’s under control and frizz free in as little as one hour (without the help of your favorite albeit overpriced stylist).


The process is easy and safe. I used it on my friend, and Guinea pig. First, apply the conditioning oil – this will prepare your hair by creating a shield around each strand, protecting it against the chemicals used during the process. Now you’re ready for the mane event: warm up the straightening cream and slick it on your pre-sectioned head with the spatula. Leave the product on for the length of time indicated during your “hair diagnosis” and then rinse. Next apply the sealant to lock in those “maybe she’s born with it” silky, straight tresses, rinse and wash your new hair. Finally, it’s time to condition and style.

Don’t be alarmed if your hair feels weird at first, soon you’ll be on your way to a swishy, tame mane. It doesn’t get much better than three months of stress-free styling, dry time that is cut by at least 20 minutes, and humidity proof hair that even holds up during a steamy summer vaca in Florida.

And there you have it – perfectly straight, beautiful hair…well at least for the next three months.

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