We Tried It: ghd styler – We share the straight facts about this styler


What It Is: The ghd styler (which stands for good hair day)
The styler boasts tri-zone technology that guarantees a temperature of 365 degrees (identified as the optimal temp for stying), evenly heating the hair, so you don’t need to go over sections multiple times. Its ceramic heater technology promises smoother, shinier hair with results lasting up to 12 hours longer.

Who Tried It: Rachael, 32

Final Verdict: It’s a keeper! Rachael has always been partial to the cheaper, drugstore variety straighteners, but noticed the difference in quality immediately. For starters, the ghd styler heated up very fast, and she had pin straight hair in no time. After using it for a week, she visibly noticed a lack of frizz. She also appreciated that it turned off after 30 minutes of non-use, so she didn’t have to worry (or head back to her apartment) if she forgot to turn it off.

Details: $199.00
Available at Sephora.com.

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