Uncovering Your Best Self by Chopping off the Frills
A New York Classic Delivers a New Look: Sassoon

For a salon that has been around since the 1960s, Sassoon sure has kept it interesting over the years. Yet, its ability to make each person look their personal best is what keeps the company as current as ever.

Sassoon’s winter looks are striking and modern

Oddly enough, I found this out the hard way. I was (and often am) one of those women who wanted what she didn’t have. My hair is straight and fine and always the same. Naturally, there is a part of me that wishes for the opposite – bouncy, wavy, pop-star hair. I might as well desire the personal entourage of assistants too.

Back on planet earth, I sought out a salon that could help me create a new, jaw-dropping look for myself. After all, this is what I thought I wanted. Read more

I consulted with Clint Wilson, Creative Director of Sassoon New York City (Uptown). As a stylist who is in charge of trend forecasting and has led several Sassoon salons, he’s heard it all, including my dramatic request, countless times.

Wilson showed me that I could have photo-ready hair without any curlers, radical treatments or smoke and mirrors. He just cut me down to size. Really. What I discovered was that I actually had more hair than I needed; it was just in all the wrong places.

He cut layers and left my length. He worked around my nearly grown-out bangs. And he made me look and feel far better than any gimmicky haircut (that stays trendy for five minutes) could have ever made me feel. I forgot my desire to look like Nicole Kidman on her better, bouncier hair days. Who needs it, and all the maintenance that comes with it, as long as what you’ve got is working with your face shape?

It was just that simple.

In this newly minted year, comfort and easy hair care just feel right.

The Crown Building
730 Fifth Avenue
Tel: 212.535.9200
Web: http://www.sassoon.com

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