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As far as hip uptown salon names go, they fail to impress me. I am, however, a sucker for a good cut. After deciding it was time for a change again and short and bouncy was for me, a friend recommended Manhattan’s legendary Miano Viél Salon & Spa.

Just past the glazed entranceway and beyond the changing rooms, I met Angel Torres, the man who was to trim my hair. I’ve always felt that shorter is better in the winter because who wants spend all morning drying their hair before stepping outside and coincidentally drying out their hair in the process?

Inside the salon, chairs were laid out in such a way so that multiple mirrors revealed the haircut at any angle. Seats were also spaced far enough part so you can enjoy a little privacy for those humbling moments when your wet hair hangs in your eye.

Angel structured my hair in sections so that the thoroughly layered cut would have some oomph. He cut the shape first and then blew my hair dry so that I could get a feel for the look. To avoid my default hairstyle, the Hitchcock Blonde, Angel cut deeper layers into my hair and released some of its bulk.

Two weeks later, it still wears well and I love the short and sassy bounce. Fortunately, I still have some curl from my last fabulous perm.

Miano Viél Salon & Spa is located at 16 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022, or call 212-980-3222 for an appointment.

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