Waterproof Wonder: Victor Sabino’s Moisture Manager™ Gets a Handle on Moisture in Your Hair


Controlling moisture in your hair is no easy feat. I know I’ve been a victim at times of having super-dry tresses (which makes for straw-like strands) as well as having overly humid hair (which leaves my locks looking limp). If you’ve faced either of these ailments, Hollywood hair guru and veteran hair expert Victor Sabino recently developed a product that’s a perfect anecdote. Moisture Manager™ helps solve these hair dilemmas by waterproofing the hair itself. Beauty News got the inside scoop on this innovative new invention, so check out the Q&A below with the man behind this mane event.

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BN: How did the idea of Moisture Manager™ come about?

VS: It came through my frustration! I couldn’t find any products that would make the hair manageable and silky-feeling instead of feeling drab and flat in humid environments. It came to me that if a product were waterproof (but shampoo soluble) it would protect the hair from the conditions that frizz naturally curly hair. As we developed Moisture Manager™, we realized it was even more powerful than we had expected. By controlling the moisture content in the hair, it is the only product that can really keep hair beautiful all day long … in fact, until the next shampoo. That’s why we call our system Lock and Block™. It LOCKS IN the essential moisture and BLOCKS OUT the excess moisture. After all, water is the best moisturizer that nature has for skin and hair, so why not hold it in as long as possible?

BN: What are the benefits of the ingredients of Moisture Manager™ for colored and natural hair, and how were they chosen?

VS: It’s a fine balance of using the perfect combination of silicones (dimethicone and cyclomethicone). We spent 1 ½ years finding the right balance that wasn’t too heavy or too light, yet protected the hair from any environment. Moisture Manager™ protects the hair perfectly, whether the hair has been colored or not. It protects the hair from color-fade and sun damage.

BN: How do the ingredients of the product complement one another?

VS: Our patent-pending blend of two silicones is designed to control moisture content so the hair will look, feel and perform its very best. No other product in the world can offer this formula. One or both of the silicones in Moisture Manager™ are used in other hair and skin care products. However, they are commonly used with additives or thinners like alcohol. Additives such as these are used so that it keeps the product affordable but, just as in foods that are made with all types of additives they play havoc on your body, wellness, etc. It’s the same with hair, we prefer to keep our products pure and concentrated.

BN: The product is very timely for summer, yet I imagine it is also very helpful during the winter months as well, right?

VS: Yes, summer can get pretty rough on your hair … heat, humidity, sun, wind, saltwater, chlorine and so on. Moisture Manager™ protects your hair against anything the season throws at it, but it’s important to know that winter is just as abrasive to the hair as summer. Hair goes through warm humidity in buildings, yet cold dryness outside. This creates static electricity in the hair and drains the cortex of its essential moisture. Regardless of the climate, anything that robs hair of moisture or over-saturates the hair with moisture will eventually damage the hair and prevent it from looking, feeling and performing its best.

Moisture Managerr™ retails for $18.00. There are also numerous other products in the Sabino Lock and BlockTM line including the Volumizer, Finisher, Curls for Curly Hair and Curls for Straight Hair. For more information on Moisture Manager™ or Victor Sabino, log on to [url=http://www.sabinohair.com]www.sabinohair.com[/url].

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