Wax Works – How to Get a “Blissful” Bikini Line

Most of us show much love to the locks atop our heads and will go to great lengths to achieve shinny, manageable hair full of body and free of frizz. But what about the rest of the hair on our bodies? We thought we’d take a break from our usual theme and take a moment to broach a topic quite relevant to hair care (but not often discussed): waxing. And we’re not talking brows or lips here gals, we’re talking bikini.

[b]Bikini Waxing 101[/b] Let’s face it, the process of waxing any part of your body is not exactly something you look forward to, not to mention the anxiety that comes along with even a thought of ripping out the ever-so-sensitive hair from “down there.” But if your closest friends won’t tell you, you better believe your pals at Beauty News will – if you’re planning on donning a bikini or other revealing attire any time soon, we seriously suggest thinking about a bikini wax.

We know what you’re thinking. You have a low threshold for pain; you’re embarrassed; you’d rather just shave (oh the horror!); there are so many different kinds of waxes out there you’re not sure what’s right for you; or you’re not well-enough informed about the process as a whole. Well girls, there is hope. Thanks to the geniuses at bliss spa, there is a revolutionary way to wax that is practically pain-free.

Bliss’ unique waxing method, poetic™ waxing, basically shrink-wraps hair without sticking to the skin. It sets the industry standard for scorch-free hair removal. The strip-less, aromatherapeutic method cools quickly and peels off easily for nearly painless waxing. Bliss offers the waxing system to private salons and has even created an at-home kit for those brave enough to do-it themselves. (Something we already suggested to you as a cool stocking stuffer at Christmas).

As a veteran waxer, my bikini waxes have run the gamut from somewhat tolerable to positively unbearable. In hopes to find a less painful method, I signed up for the “Betweeny™” Wax; a very cute name for the process of removing MOST of the hair down there while still leaving some behind.

Of all the waxes I’ve endured, I would highly recommend poetic™ waxing professional from bliss to anyone who currently waxes or is thinking about trying it for the first time. It’s virtually painless, quick, and has a pleasant odor – something uncommon when it comes to waxing.

Thinking of going to Rio? Bliss also offers Brazilian bikini waxes. A Brazilian wax could be considered the most intense form of waxing. The definition varies slightly depending on where you go, but most experts agree that a Brazilian wax involves completely removing pubic hair from the front, back and everyplace in between. A regular bikini wax removes hair around the front of the bikini line only.

For apprentice waxers, there’s no need to head straight for the Brazilian. Bliss recommends a basic bikini wax for first-timers. Once you begin waxing you will notice that your hair growth is slower and thinner than before. Then you can decide how bare you’ll dare to go.

The following are simple tips from bliss skincare specialist, Lucia Gaier, that will ease the pain and make your bikini wax a bit less frightening:

Cleanliness and total sanitation are two key elements to a safe wax. Check out the salon. Make sure the waxing room is private and a place that makes you feel comfortable. No matter what form of waxing you are contemplating, sugar, traditional, etc., make sure the estatician does not double dip the wood stick into the hot wax. I don’t mean to paint an unattractive picture, but if the professional uses the same bowl of wax for all customers and dips everyone’s wood sticks into that bowl, it may as well be a communal waxing system (pause for wincing). Lucia was emphatic about using a new wood stick for each application as to never contaminate the hot wax.

It’s recommended to wax every four to five weeks. Fight the urge to shave and tweeze in between waxes, as it can lead to painful and unsightly ingrown hair. Avoid waxing when you have your period as you are more sensitive to pain. If you must wax during your period, it may help to take an Advil or Aleve. Do not wax if you are sunburned or if you are recovering from a recent laser peel. Additionally, it is also not recommended to wax while taking Retin-A, Accutane, or other keratolytic medications.

It is completely normal to be anxious or even embarrassed for your first wax. It may help to consider your waxer as you would your gynecologist. They are professionals who do this all the time. There’s no reason to be embarrassed – these women have most likely have seen it all!

If you don’t consider yourself as a person with a high threshold for pain, it does not mean you have to skip bikini waxing altogether. It does get less and less painful the more you wax and opting for less stressful alternatives such as the system used at bliss may be the answer to your waxing woes.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs, you don’t have to resign yourself to the thought that this is something you have to live with. Lucia suggests women refrain from tweezing, use a loofah on skin down below and follow exfoliating or waxing with a specific product that prevents ingrown hairs. Tend Skin, Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment, and ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads from bliss all offer ways to reduce ingrown hairs.

For more information on poetic™ waxing professional, go to http://www.poeticwaxing.com. For more information on bliss spas, log on to [url=http://www.blissworld.com]www.blissworld.com[/url].

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