We Tried It: Arrojo Cream Whip

Makes hair easy to brush, comb, and style. Enhances waves and soft movement without adding hold. Primes hair for styling. Sulfate and sodium-chloride free.

Directions: Apply to damp, hair. comb through to polish and prime. Great for enhancing, natural texture, and for prepping hair for successful styling.

I’ve spent my life trying to find the right product for my unruly curly hair. My hair first turned curly at puberty, but it always had the same coarse texture. My father is half Jewish and my mother has red Irish curls. The combination of the two made for a complicated head of hair, which I had to figure out on my own.

After countless bad haircuts and product experiments, I think I’ve finally found the one product that truly works. It can hold curl without looking like there’s product in my hair. And, the best part is, people with straight hair can use it too!

I was at a friend’s apartment in the East Village heading to a Saturday dance party in Brooklyn when a girl walked in with a freshly styled head of curly hair. I immediately asked her where she got her hair done, as people with curls tend to do. She swore by a guy named Topher at Arrojo in SoHo so I decided to check him out. Sure enough, Topher was the man for curls. He’s a Jewish hipster from Brooklyn and knows what to do with coarse hair like mine. We became fast friends and eventually when he left the salon, I even went to his house to get my hair cut. While the personal relationship remains, I decided I preferred to have my hair washed and cut in an actual salon and not a Brooklyn apartment. This is when I transferred my services to Renee, Topher’s former assistant who I got to know over the years, who is half African-American and half Indian. She has her own head of curls to deal with. This is when I discovered Arrojo’s incredible Cream Whip.

Finally – something that holds my curl without looking like I used a gel! Cream Whip works in both wet and dry hair, and for both curling and straightening any texture of hair. Simply add Cream Whip when you’re ready to style and use your hot tools accordingly. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wash your hair, comb it out then apply Cream Whip (more or less depending on the weather that day) and walk out the door. It’s a product of many purposes. The only problem I have with it is that it only comes in a 5.5 oz aerosol can and can’t be taken in your carry-on.

If they come up with a way to make this in a 3.5 oz. container, it truly will be the most perfect hair product on planet Earth.

Available at http://www.arrojostudio.com

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