Wedding Day Strand Styles: Updos or Downtrodden?

Finding your soul mate can be a long and arduous process, worth it in the end as you walk down the aisle to your betrothed, but definitely a journey. Finding someone to do your hair for your wedding can be oddly similar. Sometimes you have to sift through a large number of choices to find the right stylist. Trial hair sessions are very important (you can view them as blind dates!), as is clear communication.

Nate Bova

Who can a girl turn to? Head over to the Warren Tricomi Salon and meet Nate Bova (pronounced Nah-tay). Originally from Ohio, by way of South Beach, Nate came to New York City six years ago and quickly climbed the competitive stylist’s ladder. You’ve seen her work on “America’s Next Top Model,” “The View,” and all over Fashion Week. She’s relaxed, open, artistic, and enthusiastic – a great combination for brides to work with.

Nate will ask you to bring a picture of your wedding dress and headpiece, and she will talk with you about flowers, location, and the general mood – all of which have a large impact on the style of hair you choose. Structured updos, for example, aren’t always the best choice for a windy beach wedding and loose waves may not look formal enough at a black tie affair.

The style Nate created for my outdoor wedding – love it!

For beach or outdoor weddings Nate likes to do loose curls, so there’s a texture to the hair, or she styles it totally straight. She opts for looks that won’t be ravaged if a gust of wind comes and always chooses ones that will actually look pretty in a breeze.

For a more traditional updo she opts for sleek and classic lines, “It should look like you’re going to an event, not a party.” She suggests brides be open to hair styling options. If you’ve been set on a certain look that’s wonderful, try it out. But if there’s another one choice to consider, set up another trial to try it out so you can find out which style will work best for you.

I asked Nate what mistakes brides commonly make when choosing a style and she provided me with some tips on how to have a harmonious hair day:

*Allow enough time for your hair to be prepared – one and a half hours if at a salon, two hours if at home (since there are more distractions). Also factor in all of the members of your wedding party so you have a solid schedule.

*Ask questions of your stylist because what you want is really important.

*A lot of people use too much product. In the end you’ll spray the heck out of it, but hold off in the beginning.

*Be realistic in your expectations and think of how it will look thirty years down the road. For example, if you have really fine hair and want lots of extensions, stay minimal or you won’t look like you.

*And along those lines, your look should coincide with who you are. If you are a big hair girl, then poof it up, but don’t feel like you need to have Oscar hair if it just isn’t your style. The important thing is you feel your best.

*If you’re going to have your hair colored do it a week in advance and resist a haircut – length is easier for most wedding looks.

*And last but certainly not least, ask your stylist if they want your hair clean or dirty.

Contact Nate Bova at the Warren Tricomi Salon located at 16 West 57th Street; 212.262.8899.

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