“What to Wear” Hair


Arrojo Studio, located on 180 Varick Street was a buzz on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon last April. Inside, both men and women filled long rows of chairs, framed by the razor-sharp, minimalist interiors – red walls, chrome and exposed piping. It is a perfect balance of downtown grit and uptown precision.

So, too, is their rock and roll style.

My stylist, Vincent, a Parisan who has worked as a master stylist since 2004, carried on the famous Nick Arrojo tradition of taking bland, lifeless hair and transforming it into something that works. Nick Arrojo is famous for his hairdressing skills of TLC’s What Not to Wear.

My hairstyle needed a little spice, so Vincent grabbed his sharpest scissor and cut into it. He thinned out the heavy portions of hair below the nape of my neck and shaped layers around my face. This gave me a lot more movement than I had, as having less hair made it easier for me to maintain volume and my layers actually move with me now, rather than hang there.

I lost a lot of hair, but not length. And it’s nice to see the shape of my face again now that I’m not buried under a mass of untailored mop of red!

When he was finished with the cut, he introduced me to the newly launched Arrojo line which includes two types of shampoo and conditioner and the gamut of styling products.

I tried the defrizz serum and the hair crème. Both products were remarkably light and non-greasy. As the folks at Arrojo design a haircut around your face, heavy product really isn’t required to look polished.

In the coming months, the salon is about to get a whole lot busier as they’re expanding and adding a school. For more information, check out www.arrojostudio.com or call 212.242.7786.

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