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Tress Tips for Brides to Be from NaturallyCurly.com


Are you a curly girl headed down the aisle and you’re not sure how to wear your hair? Well, fret no more because BN has found a fabulous source for answers to your biggest curl questions, NaturallyCurly.com. Founded by Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber, two women who couldn’t find any solutions to their curl concerns, NaturallyCurly.com is a site for everything curl-related from tress tips to strand savers to product suggestions, this online resource is a great way for curly girls to find out everything they ever wanted to know about their special hair type. We caught up with these curl experts and got the answers to some of the biggest questions we thought brides-to-be would have about how to make their hair wedding-ready.

BN: Can you give us some tips for how to make the most of curls on your wedding day?[/b] NV: When it comes to curly wedding do’s, simpler is better. Find a style that works with your hair’s natural texture rather than one that fights it. This could be a loose, curly braid or a curly updo. Keep accessories to a minimum. Maybe wear a jeweled comb or a simple veil. A wreath of flowers can also look really beautiful with curls.

BN: How would you prepare hair for a big event like this?
NV: First, you want to find a good stylist who can show you some different curly styles. Look for somebody who likes to work with curls. Many brides fall into the trap of blowing out their curls for the big day, and then they don’t look like themselves. Experiment with a few styles to see what works best. Bring different headpieces (they usually can be borrowed from wedding stores) to see works for you. Talk with the stylist about color, but don’t do anything too dramatic. Highlights or lowlights can be a nice addition. But remember that conditioning is key. You must invest in a good deep conditioner, like Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque, and use it once a week for the month before the wedding. If you want to get a cut, do so two to three weeks before the event. Make sure the cut you and your stylist have chosen works with the wedding-day style. On the morning of the wedding, get up a little earlier and do a deep conditioning treatment. In addition to making your tresses look their best, it will help relax you.[/b]

BN: Any tricks for maintaining a curly wedding style broken down by season?
NV: For winter, dry, cool air usually is hospitable to curls. To prevent static from indoor heating, conditioning is once again imperative. Use a good leave-in conditioner, like Devacurl B’ Leave In, AG Fast Food, or Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave-in. With spring comes rain and humidity, so maintaining moisture is crucial. Be sure again to use a good leave-in conditioner. We also recommend carrying a little pomade in your purse, like Philip Pelusi Mod di Phy Forming Wax or Curlisto Unruly Paste. If frizz begins to make an appearance, rub a little pomade into your hands. Run it through your tresses, making sure to include the hairline where the halo of frizz can be especially apparent. This is the season where our members love to wear headbands, which is a very popular trend now. During summer, heat and humidity are at a peak so hair must be in optimal condition. Choose a good gel with some anti-humidity properties, like CurlFriends Control Gel, Batia & Aleeza Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel, or Mop Top Anti-Frizz Gel. Product application is very important, and make sure you apply it in sections. Then spritz a little hairspray onto your hair. We like Devacurl Set It Free and Curlisto Structura Spray. A little Ojon Shine & Protect Glossing Mist can also add a nice sheen to your curls. And last but not least, fall means cooler, dryer air. It’s curl-friendly weather so products can be a little lighter. But again, within every season you must remember that curly hair is dryer than straight hair. This is because our natural oil takes a longer to travel down a curl hair shaft than a straight one, which means we must always continue to moisturize and condition our tresses so that they won’t break off and create frizz.

BN: If we could compile an “in case of curl emergency” kit for brides, what would you recommend?
NV: A bridal emergency kit should include a curl reviver, like Devacurl Mist-er Right, Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Gel, or CurlFriends Rejuvenate. This can zap frizz in a flash and redefine curls throughout the event. A good pomade also can be a lifesaver when you have to run out to take photos. When tresses start looking frizzy, rub a pea-sized drop of product between your hands and run them through the hairline. For updos, keep some extra pins in your purse in case you get some wayward curls.

For more information on NaturallyCurly.com, log on to http://www.naturallycurly.com. In addition, every product included in this article can be found at http://www.curlmart.com, an extensive online curl-products boutique that’s part of [url=http://NaturallyCurly.com]NaturallyCurly.com[/url].

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