Winter Find: Klorane Unearths Magnolia Plant Power


Some hair products are known for glorious and delicious scents – be they natural or chemical we want to breathe them in all day as they appeal to our nostrils’ every desire. Some give such satiny moisture, we feel we’ve transformed our hair to silk for a day, until it’s wet again and the feeling’s gone. Some have funky packaging that makes our shower décor cooler – a perk only enjoyed inside the confines of the shower curtain. And some products focus simply on quality of ingredients as they assume your hair should only soak up the best of the best.

Image Cortesy: Simon Howden

That’s the kind of product lines Klorane consistently releases. The company’s mission statement outlines that Klorane “explores the wealth of the plant universe” and “selects the most appropriate plant for each beauty concern.” In one of its most recent releases, the company has turned to the magnolia flower to address a timely concern: dry, dull, winter hair.

The magnolia plant, named in honor of Pierre Magnol, an 18th century French botanist and manager of the world famous Montpellier botanical gardens, is a naturally protective and hydrating plan with interesting qualities such as undifferentiated flower parts or “tepals,” rather than petals. Experts have attributed the magnolia’s resistance to harsh winter to the plant’s strong, glossy, hydrophobic leaf-protecting wax.

Klorane has taken the plant’s best parts and turned it into its new Klorane Magnolia range, which includes Brilliant Shine and Protection Shampoo and Conditioner for Dull Hair and Leave-in Spray; all with magnolia. The company’s team of pros whipped up a proprietary method to extract the magnolia leaf’s wax from magnolias harvested in the southwest of France. Klorane claims that this patent-pending magnolia wax mimics hair’s protective, natural hydrolipidic film to smooth the cuticle for maximum light reflection, hydration and natural protection.

Like all of Klorane’s hair care ranges, the Magnolia line delivers the brand’s promise: not too harsh on scent, not deceivingly, temporarily silken and its packaging is understated yet chic. It’s simply about bringing a high level of scientific discovery of nature to your hair, and in the process helping its health. While it will help pep up dull hair, it won’t provide the intense moisture that some other winter products might pack – most likely because of the company’s strict adherence to plant products and respect for natural ingredients. If you’re looking for intense moisture treatments for severely damaged or overly-processed hair, there are others that you might turn to. Stay tuned for more on such finds!

Klorane products can be found at Sephora stores.

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