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Do you find yourself day after day staring dejectedly at your listless, dry, dull-looking hair? Do you dream about having a cascading head of rich, voluptuous waves, a shining mass of curls or a smooth curtain of velvety perfection? If the answer is yes, then you are amongst the hundreds of women who are inadvertently paying the price for their quest for beauty through curling, straightening, coloring, perming and relaxing, and the only way to resolve this situation is through the religious use of repairing products. Whilst you may scoff at the ads that portray some beautiful model’s sense of self being reinstated by a particular product, dismissing it as nothing more than a blatant marketing ploy, I can now assert that such an attitude will lead only to your own detriment. After three strenuous weeks of careful testing, recording and evaluation, after countless hair washes and rinses, I am proud to announce the successful compilation of a Top Three list of the most effective hair repair products.

REDKEN Extreme Force Fortifying Treatment


As I have always been an avid fan of REDKEN products, this review may very well be accused of being biased; but before dismissing it completely, consider the effects of this miracle-working product. After only two applications, my hair had noticeably regained its long-lost luster, the vibrant hues and tonal variations bursting forth in what I thought was never-to-be-seen-again splendor. Even better, this super shine was only a “side-effect”, as the most conspicuous difference was the way in which my hair seemed to grow stronger day by day, the equivalent of it spending hours in the gym pumping iron. It developed a greater resistance to fancy hair-styles, looked much healthier from all angles, and most importantly assumed a certain Amazonian quality which left me feeling and looking “Stronger, than yesterday!” and certain that hair perfection could not be further than “a mile away!” (NB The fact that the singer alluded to does not need this product owing to what should be termed as an “accident with a razor”, should by no means hinder any of you in its immediate acquisition.) r

Farouk Systems USA Hair Toys Repair and Shine Silk Solution


Before skipping this review owing to the fairly steep price tag displayed above, ask yourself this question: Healthy hair, or an extra t-shirt that you really do not need anyway? With the answer hopefully falling closer to the answer relating to the state of your crowning glory, consider the myriad advantages to using this superior silk solution. First of all, your hair will inevitably become smooth, voluminous and shinier than fairy dust. Secondly, its chemical make-up allows for active and targeted reconstruction and repair from the roots to the very ends, ensuring a suppleness and strength that you only ever dreamed about. Finally – and this is by no means a negligible detail – it smells absolutely divine, and does not leave your hands sticky like so many other products tend to do.

BC Bonacure Total Repair Treatment


Just a quick note before my lyrical praise of this particular product: the added advantage of using BC Bonacure prescriptions is that you have a very wide range of choice depending on what type of repair you are looking for, from color-treated to permed, dry to listless hair dilemmas. So, as far as the Total Repair Treatment goes, I can yet again honestly say that this product not only works, but is effective in such a way that hair goes from dismal to damsel in as little as a week. The main forte of this treatment is the way in which it internally repairs and nourishes the hair, strategically aiming at the improvement of porous and weakened areas, whether they are from too much straightening, bleaching or blow-drying. I also noticed that with this product my hair became much softer and heavier, assuming an almost plush quality – quite an achievement considering that you only have to apply it twice a week!

So that’s it, ladies: my review of “hairapy” products is complete. After three weeks of scientific precision and intense experimentation, my own locks are healthy, shining and fully revitalized; gone are the days of dullness and dryness; the hair-scarves and berets safely stored away. Now it is up to you to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of hair repair – you owe it to yourself after all your hairs been through. And just remember: “Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy hair.”

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