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Because Seriously – Who Doesn’t Like It Raw?
An Intro to Raw Food – Part 1 of 2



New York is an adventurous foodie’s dream. Turning on any street corner can lead you to eclectic authentic cultural cuisines – be it Indian, Korean, Vegetarian, Vegan, or even – the often mocked – Raw cuisine. Prior to my experience at the darling little café-style restaurant, ‘Pure Juice and Take Away’, I had always assumed that all raw foodists were hemp-wearing hippies munching on lettuce leaves and leading anti-government protests. So, you can imagine my hesitance as I entered this tiny hole-in-the-wall on cute and quiet Irving Place.


As this was my first time venturing into the raw food world, I decided to skip the ‘hard-core’ raw options like kale juice and wheatgrass shots and opted for something on the ‘safer’ side – The Zucchini and Roma Tomato Lasagna and Raw Chocolate Mallomar.


The Lasagna consisted of layers of sliced zucchini, topped with pureed tomatoes, and a ‘cheese’ made entirely from cashews. As I bit into the flavorful lasagna, I couldn’t believe the creativity of the chef who came up with so many wonderful and different recipes made entirely from all-natural foods! The raw Mallomar (Pure Juice’s most popular dessert) looked and tasted just like the store bought variety except for the fact that it was made entirely out of healthy omega-3 raw almonds, and organic dark chocolate. Talk about a guilt-free dessert!


Breaking it down, my meal consisted of veggies, nuts, and a little bit of chocolate – everything healthy combined into a lip-smacking concoction of YUM.

As a New Yorker who loves food but hates the kitchen, opting to eat more raw foods without creative places like Pure Juice and Take Away would consist of fruits, salads and quite frankly, boredom to tears. But with concoctions like raw pizza, falafel, sushi, and a wide variety of mouth-watering desserts – Pure Juice and Take Away is the perfect place to go when you’re craving something healthy, tasty, AND Creative.

Make sure to read next month’s article where I delve deeper into the raw food lifestyle and interview an expert on the health and beauty benefits of going raw.

Pure Juice and Take Away
125 E 17th St- Btwn 3rd Ave & Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003


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