An Athletic Accessory for Winter Workouts: The G-Shock S Series


Cold weather has greeted us, but we need not feel shut in. With the right gear, jaunts through the park and an early morning run on a train in the great outdoors or through the city streets can still be at our fingertips.

A best buddy to a great winter’s workout is an athletic watch to keep tabs on your pace and time spent in motion. I recently discovered the, G-Shock S Series watches—a women’s line that’s built to last and simply put, adorable; I am smitten with my S Series watch. These watches come in a range of bold and feminine colors from fuchsia to rose to classic white.

The S series has been designed with a fashion forward, modern athlete in mind. It’s sportswear inspired but still chic. I went for a long run to give this watch the real wear-and-tear test and found that the tech features are fantastic. It’s been designed to make your workout more efficient with an auto LED light, a stopwatch and a speed indicator. It’s water resistant, shock resistant and magnetic resistant…it’s made from tough stuff that will stand the test of time while telling time too.

The digital analog reads the date and time and the band is completely adjustable with ten notches.

In addition to being the perfect workout companion, this watch is the right accessory to endure international travel and long days on the job too.

Find yours here:

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