Autumn Renewal the Isagenix Way

Summer has been all about excess. The never-ending array of pool parties and backyard barbeques with too much food and drink. Fun in the sun to the extreme. The changing of the seasons is good time to make some change changes in your lifestyle too, some subtractions and some additions, so that you transition into the autumn season revitalized. Give your body a fresh, new start for the upcoming months, by mending the “damage” of the summer over-indulgence. A good cleanse is just the answer, to rid your body of the impurities it has accumulated throughout the wild and crazy summer.

Diane Williams, a fellow trainer and friend, introduced me to the Isagenix cleanse. She walked into the gym one day full of energy and vigor, grinning from ear to ear. “What are you so happy about?” I asked. “I am on a 9-day cleanse” she exclaimed, “and I have so much energy and feel great.” “Are you fasting?” was my next question. She explained that it wasn’t a fast. The first two and the last two days you drink a nutrient-enriched, aloe-vera based beverage. You may also eat organic apple slices, raw veggies, such as celery and almonds, if you are feeling hungry. In between those days, you consume nutritional shakes and healthy meals.

Why should one do a cleanse? A cleanse is to prepare the body to absorb nutrients and digest foods more efficiently. It helps to re-balance the body, thrown off balance by impurities from food, alcohol, pollutants, etc. Balancing the body equals more energy and burning fat more readily.

Skeptical, but curious to see what it would do for me, I had to try Isagenix. Not necessarily to lose a lot of weight but to obtain the vitality I have been lacking for quite a while.

Both Diane and I found, with the cleanse, we did not need as much sleep and we slept deeper, feeling revitalized in the morning. Diane found and still finds she has stronger and faster workouts. I found I didn’t crave sugar as much. I did the cleanse while “PMS-ing”, so to lose 3 lbs and not have my typical cravings during “that time of the month” was an added bonus.

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Diane has since done several cleanses losing a total of 28 lbs since June 8.

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Like many of us, she has been yo-yo dieting a great deal in her life. This is the first program that she has lost weight comfortably and easily with, while maintaining energy and a normal lifestyle.

She was so impressed by the results that she actually joined the Isagenix company so that she could spread the word and her passion for the products.

She has met many people who have their own amazing stories associated with Isagenix.

One of them was Alex, an overworked, stressed architect, who was putting in far too many hours. His health was in jeopardy. He had gained almost 100 lbs while at his firm and knew he needed to do something quickly. A friend introduced him to the Isagenix cleanse. He decided to do the 30-day cleanse under his doctor’s supervision. He had blood tests done before and after the cleanse. At the end of it, he had lost 22 lbs and all his follow up blood tests came back better than before the cleanse. He too had much more energy and got a better night’s sleep.

Rosemary, a PR representative and one of Diane’s clients was skeptical at first, even though she had seen Diane’s incredible results. She needed both a physical and emotional boost to her life, so she tried the cleanse, with her doubts and all. Rosemary was pleasantly surprised at the initial ease of the first couple of days. In the following days she was able to handle the stress from work so much better, she told me she was at the top her game, again! She lost weight and inches and is completely sold on Isagenix. She has done a total of two cleanses and feels wonderful.

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I was interested to see what the results were for a male who was relatively young and fit already. Amit, is 30 years old and a futures trader by profession. He has been working out for about 15 years. Amit says no product has ever given him the results that Isagenix has. He has already shaved off about 10 lbs of fat, while retaining all his muscle. He has seen an increase of energy even though he cut his caloric intake. He has continued on the products, cycling on and off to maintain his leanness, while continuing to lose more body fat. He gets full much faster, therefore he doesn’t eat as much. He will cleanse for a day if he goes out and indulges on the weekend. For the most part, he has stuck to healthier, smaller portions of food, thanks to Isagenix.

You too can make a healthy transition into autumn purging your body of harmful impurities. All this while you camp comfortably in your personal space and possibly lose some weight as well. To give Isagenix cleanse a try or for more information, contact Diane Williams at: 800-216-4353 or [][/email]. You can also visit her website at An alternate website for information and to request product is

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