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Bootcamp may sound like a serious fitness program, but that’s exactly what attracted me to trying the largest fitness bootcamp in the city, Bootcamp Republic. I was looking to shake up my fitness routine, spend more time outside and do something that pushed me to my limits, and this was definitely the right program! Bootcamp Republic was built solely by word-of-mouth, from one neighborhood to another, by their extremely loyal community. I found out about the program from my sister, who had already completed one session, and she heard about it from her colleague, so their method seems to work. Bootcamp Republic’s mission is to provide the highest quality, most effective exercise classes to enhance your health, wellness and spirit.

My first day at bootcamp I have to say I was a bit scared, although reassured by the folks at Bootcamp Republic that the atmosphere I could expect there would be friendly, motivational, and non-military style, so yoga mat and large water in tow, I walked over to meet my group 59th street and the park. From the entrance of the park, we walked in a bit further to an area with a strip of benches, pavement and plenty of room for us to workout. Since Bootcamp Republic offers many locations across the city, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find a group near your work, home or anywhere in between, making it super convenient to fit the classes into your weekly schedule.

Back to the workout. My instructor Courtney was friendly, approachable and clearly in great shape, so I was excited to see what he had in store for us. The classes usually began with a short run around a hilly loop in our area, and the next hour and a half would be full of movements using your own body weight to get in shape, like lunges, push-ups, ab work, sprints, squats, and more to work your whole body and increase your cardio-vascular capacity and energy levels. The size of the classes are small, so mine had about 8-10 people at a time, so it almost feels like a personal training session because Courtney really paid attention to ensure we used proper form yet that we were still pushing ourselves. If you have an injury, the instructors will give alternative workouts to ensure you get the full benefits. I definitely felt that I worked harder and more consistently in the classes, as the guidance from Courtney was so great as well as the sheer motivation and enthusiasm of the group.

The bootcamp classes are taught in sessions: a session is a 3-week period in which you will meet twice per week for 6 classes which are 90 minutes long. The bootcamps are instructed throughout the year, they find indoor spaces in the winter, and they have 3 weeks on, then one week off. The week off is for your body to rest before you start your next 3-week session. This class structure also helps to minimize potential injury and to maximize the training impact. No class was ever the same at bootcamp, so it kept me interested, challenged and excited to see what was coming next. My class had people of all ages and fitness levels, men and women, so everyone was challenged in their own way. After all, we were all there for one mission, to be in better shape! Bootcamp Republic even allows you to start a class in the middle of a current session and they will just charge you for whatever is left of the session, meaning there’s no excuse to not start Bootcamp Republic today.

So, are you pumped to meet your fitness goals, challenge yourself and have fun outside with great people, well then today is your lucky day because: Bootcamp Republic is offering readers a 30% discount (a $75 savings), by signing up online at and entering the case-sensitive code: BEAUTY.

This makes the entire 3-week bootcamp just $175, pretty amazing! This code expires in 30 days and is only valid for outdoor sessions through October 2010. Hurry and sign-up today! For further information and to find a Bootcamp Republic near you, visit: or call 646.460.6787.

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