Cinco De Mayo es Dia de Pilates



The heart of the city, the center of the universe. Pilates jives with that sentiment by working your “core”, a.k.a. your “powerhouse”, the area from your stomach to your upper thighs. A good Pilates workout should engage all those muscle groups – all while you scoop your stomach as much as you possibly can. While there is a standard set of exercises, your lesson can be tailored to fit you and your body’s needs at True Pilates.


Some of you may be more familiar with mat classes; however, according to my wonderful instructor-for-a-day, Nancy, individual classes using the “apparatus” are what will really get you into shape. Looking at the industrial sparseness, metal bars, springs, straps, and vinyl-covered mats of the apparatus didn’t exactly make me feel cozy, but I guess people aren’t exactly trading in their couches for treadmills, either. If you’re willing to see what all the hype is about, or you’re looking to try out a new studio, check out the high quality of instructors and facilities at True Pilates NY. Their location on the Westside is the broken-in original. They also recently opened another, more chic studio on the East side.


Try a class on the 5th, which just happens to be National Pilates Day. Private lessons three times a week are recommended for the best and fastest results. An added bonus: sign up for 3 classes per week and receive a 20% discount.

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