Summer Drinks With Healthy Benefits

We drink more in the summer than usual to quench our thirst and to keep our body hydrated. A judicious way to take health supplements in the summer (without popping them down as capsules) is to drink them with our favorite beverages. Check our list of health-boosting beverages that will help your body derive all the pleasure and nourishment possible:

Plexus Hydrate helps you hydrate and replenish yourself at the same time. Sugar-free, the blueberry-acai-flavored drink mix is delicious and you will benefit from electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C. Drink it every day, especially after exercise to replace electrolytes lost from physical activity. Simply mix a packet with water. Other beneficial ingredients include aloe vera, tart cherry, coconut water powder, sea salt, watermelon juice, zinc, and vitamin C. Each serving provides 190% of the daily value of vitamin C, which is more than 2 whole oranges (based on the nutrient database for 1 raw orange of 154 g). Sweetened with stevia leaf extract, it is a good source of magnesium. Gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO there are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Usage: mix 1 scoop with 12-16 fl. oz. (360-470 ml) of cold water. Refresh yourself at

Are you an ice coffee junkie? Enjoy more health benefits with Nora’s Naturals, a superior organic coffee collection that sources high antioxidant single-origin coffee with physical and mental health benefits. Their coffee is grown in volcanic soil, rich in silica (hydrating silica minerals are essential for collagen production), and packed with antioxidants for brain and physical health. Coffee contains mangiferin, a natural anti-inflammatory, extracted from the leaves of coffee plants when turned into coffee leaf tea! It can regulate blood sugar, control cholesterol and help with weight loss and contains high amounts of immune-strengthening polyphenols. I tasted Nora’s Naturals Dark Roast, which has delicious notes of cocoa and citrus. It is strong but does not give you the jitters and helps you focus calmly on your work for hours. Its origin is Nicaragua Finca La Isabella, in the Nicaraguan National Forest Reserve. So many coffees contain heavy metals, pesticide residues, or methylene chloride, according to the Clean Label project, so drink better healthier coffee:

Boost your immunity with Shaklee Immunity Triple Defense Boost, a powerful immune support drink. Naturally berry-flavored, it enables you to stay healthy with immune-supporting vitamin C, D, and zinc. It also includes clinically proven nutrients such as reishi mushroom extract, ginseng root extract, yeast beta-glucan, immune defending elderberry extract, echinacea extract, and quercetin. Mix one stick with 8 oz. of water. It is really delicious and you will feel good throughout the day. Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free. Drink to your health at

We all know the benefits of collagen. Collagen aids in the formation of connective tissue in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments. Add a scoop of Shaklee Collagen -9 in your smoothie or water to benefit from 10g of collagen and 9 essential amino acids to support protein synthesis. Your hair, nails and joints will be stronger, too. With Collagen from type I and III, derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine source. I prefer it in a smoothie or shake. Add ice and enjoy. Order it at

A simple way to boost your skin’s hydration and battle free radicals and pollution all through the summer is by adding a few drops of Cilk Beauty Rose Extract to your water bottle or glass of Perrier every day. A concentrated liquid elixir derived from certified organic roses, it boosts skin resiliency and revival from within. Rose Damascena contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, vitamins, flavonoids and anthocyanins that your body and skin need to reinforce your epidermis. It also benefits your digestion, which has an effect on your skin’s balance and radiancy. The subtle rose and vanilla taste refreshes the palate as well. Learn more about regenerating skin from within by adding Cilk to your beverage at


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