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“The Panel – Sex Therapist, Cathy Beaton, Personal Fitness Guru, Aimee Hoff, and Certified Nutrition Specialist, Susan Weiss Berry

It’s not often as a BN Health and Fitness writer that you have the opportunity to cover an event that combines after work cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, shopping, designer shoes, nutrition, fitness, and sex all in one night. So, when BN discovered that Single Edition Media was holding their second “Live the Life You Love” event at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, we had to get front row tickets. High up on the eighth floor in Saks famous designer shoe department, the event focused on a range of lifestyle issues from a single women’s perspective, including guidance on loving your sexual self, just for one fitness, and creating a solo culinary adventure.

The Sex master vs. the Stairmaster

I know what your thinking – what does sex have to do with nutrition and how does the solo part fit in? Well, according to Sex Therapist, Cathy Beaton, embracing your sexual self both physically and emotionally contributes to your overall well-being. People tend to focus more on the body than the mind, says Beaton. Sex is a way to incorporate a little bit of both as it can help reduce stress, clear the mind, and boost a woman’s confidence enough to make her feel powerful and ready to take on the world. Whether it’s diving into your sexual fantasy, being bold enough to make the first move, or taking a one night stand to the next level, embracing your sexual self is a great alternative to a routine workout.

Beaton suggests exploring your sexuality on your own or with a partner as becoming more comfortable with your feminine side and removing any guilt, fear, or desperation will help you achieve balance in your life. Beaton also suggests speed dating as a great alternative to overcome any fear of rejection or vulnerability. Of course for those of you who don’t have time to deal with the complexity of men and relationships, you could just jump the gun and pick up a vibrator and erotic video to get you started! Visit http://www.Babeland.com.

Who Needs a Partner?

A workout buddy can be helpful and at the same time detrimental to your workout routine, depending on their level of consistency. Rather than rely on someone else to get you going, why not focus on the one person who counts the most – you. Personal Fitness Guru Aimee Hoff offers great insight and advice on how working out for the single woman can not only be a great way to meet new people, but full of new experiences.

“When you’re working out alone, it is really important to look forward to the experience as well as the end result,” says Hoff. She suggests joining one of the many fitness clubs throughout the city – and I don’t just mean New York Sports Club. Some of Hoff’s favorites as an avid runner are NY Runners Club, Nike, NY Cycle Club, Zog Sports, and the Urban Professional Volleyball League. Hoff suggests scheduling your workouts and staying away from the everyday mundane routine so many people get caught up in. “It is also important to set goals for yourself,” says Hoff. This will help motivate you along the way. Your goals should be realistic – we all eventually want to be a size two, but don’t get bummed out when it doesn’t happen tomorrow. You also should have a plan as to how you are going to reach the goal and should identify two bad habits that might be standing in your way. Visit Nikerunning.nike.com, Zogsports.org, http://www.Nyurban.com or
Nycc.org to learn more.

Just one?

Have you ever dined out alone and dreaded that awful moment when the hostess comes straight up to you and says “will it be just one?” Suddenly you are searching for some creative excuse to justify why you are dining solo. Well before you go crawling under the table, Susan Weiss Berry gave me some groundbreaking tips for dining alone and how you can create the perfect Solo Culinary Adventure – minus the embarrassment. Once a week, Berry suggests taking your self to a part of New York you’ve never been to and choosing a restaurant that welcomes singles. Sushi bars are a perfect example because people are so close together, you can’t tell who is actually alone and who is dining with a group of people. Communal tables are also a great camouflage and for those of you who love Cuban or Spanish food, any tapas bar is not only welcoming, but usually houses cute bartenders. In fact, any restaurant that has a bar is a great place to park when you are dining solo.

In order to make your Culinary Adventure a successful one, Berry suggests practicing what she calls Mindful Eating. Berry is probably the only nutritionist I have ever met who does not believe in diets and deprivation. “These are not a way of life”, says Berry. “Your body will never be perfect.” Mindful eating stems from having the awareness of when you are hungry and knowing exactly what you want to eat. Every time you put a piece of food in your mouth, you are being charged for it, says Berry. This is your adventure so make the best of it by being an observer. When you are dining for one, you have the opportunity to be the world’s toughest critic. Take in everything– the atmosphere, the color, the texture and most importantly the taste. Start living in the moment: eat it, taste it, chew it, and when you’re done, don’t forget to ask that cute bartender for his number! Visit http://www.Evolvedeating.com to learn more about Mindful Eating.

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